Ode To Anxiety

It was a struggle at first

But now my old friend visits

Again and again

Leaving me helpless in pain

Food becomes foe

And nights a sweaty drench

Laughter leaves the soul

Eyes are fogged and blank

I learn to laugh again

Feels good

Like emerging from a black hole

Learning to see again

Stronger I am and more confident

It will come again I know

But it’ll never take me back

I know

“Ode To Anxiety” is another awesome poem by DentMistry who hadn’t written for a while but I’m so glad she’s writing again! It’s so relatable and descriptive and really captures what having anxiety feels like. As most of you are probably aware, I too suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is difficult to deal with. And as mentioned in the poem it comes and goes so you are never sure when it is going to strike you. Sometimes it takes you by surprise when you are at your lowest. Let me know what you thought of “Ode To Anxiety” in the comments below.

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