Cute Puppies!

In case your day isn’t going so great or even if it is here are a few pictures of cute puppies to lighten your mood! I shared pictures of some cute kitten a while back. And some of you really enjoyed the pictures. Because duh, they are cute kitten. Who does not love cute kittens?

Anyway, since so many of you liked the kittens, I thought I would share some pictures of puppies today especially because I know some of you are dog people. I hope you enjoy these pictures and let me know in the comments whether you are a dog person or a cat person or perhaps like me both lol!

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If dogs aren’t your thing and you want to check out some cute pictures of kittens click here.

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23 thoughts on “Cute Puppies!

  1. Yay! they are here, the puppies are here, the puppies are here!!! Omg, I want to hug them all and give them kissies!!! they are so adorable!!!! I love dogs so much, especially the pup pups, LOL. This is my favorite post! haha


    1. Hahahaha yayy I’m so glad you loved the post! Lol puppies are the best they are soooo adorable! They can seriously make any day better! 🐶

            1. You’re very welcome! 🙂
              I really like your blog because you’re not afraid or shy to talk about mental health and I think we need more people like you because we need to get rid of how mental health is treated like a taboo of some sort.

              1. Thank you soooooo much! that made my day first of all 🙂 second you’re 10000000% right mental illness is treated like a taboo and that does need to change. that’s my mission to change that 🙂 I also try to throw in some other things that are fun and light to balance it out 🙂 but thank you again!!!!

                1. You’re very welcome! Yeah I am so glad you are doing that and I think your blog is so inspirational and helpful to people who are going through something similar or even just people who need to feel better about themselves because sometimes when you have certain mental health issues you start feeling like there’s something wrong with you or like you’re abnormal and I think you help show that it’s not true. That people with psychological problems are normal. I really liked your YouTube video too and I hope you make some more soon.
                  All the best 🙂

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