I Need To Be Me

I wish I could be the person

You always wanted me to be

I wish I could have stayed

And made you happy

But I need to leave

I need to find myself

I need to learn how to fly

Without crashing

I need to be me

“I Need To Be Me” is a poem that was first published on Lifesfinewhine. This poem is about the need to be true to oneself. We all all unique people and we are all who we are. A lot of people in the world will try to change that. But it is important to remember that you are who you are and that’s okay. Find your people, surround ourself with people that accept you for who you truly are. Those are the kind of people you want with you. And it’s okay if you’re not always perfect. It’s okay to make mistakes. That’s part of being human and it doesn’t mean who you are is the problem.

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