Why you? (Guest Post)

By Issa Osman

Well, to start off

Am probably stupid for writing to you before I even meet you

(A little laugh) am normally stupid like that

That, that sentence might sound wrong

Hmm I kind of thought so too

I had to redo it a few times

I deleted the first drafts

Then it hit me…

I don’t really need drafts to know what to say to you

I know you will not be like anyone I have met before

Damn you have to be pretty special

And best of all…

You have to be weird

Well, you know weirdoes are the coolest

I think I might have gone off script

And I was to talk about why you

I might need a few drafts for this or I will embarrassed myself

But again

I can’t expect you to be yourself if I don’t show the real me

And really I don’t have a problem with being embarrassed

I kinda embarrass myself a few times every day

You are beautiful…

Yes you are beautiful

But that’s not just it

Its because you know you are beautiful

And that is…sexy (whispers) as hell

You have this thing about you that pulls me in

Like am in your mercy

Like every time I see you

I find myself next to you

And I swear to you I have no idea how that is possible

I wish I knew

Like…like how I know your smile

The way it starts off from far

I can tell you this

Sometimes I can feel your smile before you even bring it out

The way you’re kind

Your laugh

The way it spreads around your face and to your whole body

That weird little dance you get lost into when your song is playing


How you say your song instead of your favorite song

People stare at you when you yell it out

Yeah… you like yelling out random stuff

And catch yourself a few seconds later when all eyes are looking up

People find that strange

I don’t

I think that is adorable

Getting lost in your own world is picturesque

What? I like exotic words and besides beautiful is already taken

What do you mean by whom? Of course by you

That word belongs to you

You…yes you

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