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I don’t usually post on Thursdays but I just had to today because I recently just reached one thousand followers and I am really so thankful for each and every one of them. I honestly never thought I would have anywhere near one hundred followers let alone one thousand.

When I first created a WordPress account and started using this platform, I had no idea what to expect. I had heard horror stories about online platforms. There were trolls, scammers, identity thieves and more. I was pretty scared to start posting here. But I am so glad I did because this turned out to be the most wonderful platform every.

All of you have incredible blogs. That’s why I thought that it would be to have a “Share And Promote Your Blog Here” post. I would love it if everyone would shared a link to their blog and a little excerpt of what their blog is about. This way we can all communicate with each other, promote your own blog and you may find blogs you really like too!

Please reblog this to get more people involved in this “Share And Promote Your Blog” post and start a chain reaction!

Again thank you to all my followers for your continuous support!

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622 thoughts on “Share And Promote Your Blog Here!!

  1. Congratulations on the milestone! It is exciting to think that your work has reached so many people. May the next 1,000 folowers find you soon!

  2. Hey Pooja.. Its exciting to be your 1000th follower 🙂
    My blog is and it is about me who is a mother of 3, homemaker, home Baker and yet searching for my identity. I am new to blogging, love quotes and poetry and I post simple recipes too..

    1. Thank you so much for being my 1000th! And thanks for sharing! I hope you check out some other blogs too and find some cool new ones to follow! 🙂

  3. Congratulations for the new achievement!
    My blog link is
    Please do have a look at my blog . I don’t write about anything in particular. But many of you might connect to my blogs .
    Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

          1. Hahhahaha. hmm. #Suspicious. I am going to be watching your blog very closely to see if I notice any weird magical fairies flying around or potions to be drunken. I am going to be copying all your post on my blog to confused people and gain more followers! hahaha. jk

            1. Hahaha lol your followers are going to be like ‘hmmmm when did she start writing poetry and about starting university abroad…’ 😂😂

  4. Well done on achieving so many followers. I can see your blog going far! 🙂

    If you are able, please take a log at my blog. It has poetry, book reviews, essays and more:

  5. Hi, Pooja, me again.
    Thank you for liking “How Can We Have Hope” on my main site,
    Because of that, I found your blog. Maybe I’ll get to be follower #1,001.
    I also have three other blogs at this point.
    My newest one is
    It is dedicated to political matters, mostly as an effort to encourage people to speak up.
    In a recent speech, President Obama said, “We are all patriots.” I like that: We have different ideas and come from a wide variety of traditions; yet we all belong. is about the journey to wholeness, based on my own recovery work. is my faith-based site, where I try to express God’s love without all the religibabble.
    Congratulations on your milestone.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Hannah! I’m sure a lot of people will be very interested in visiting your blogs. Thanks for sharing them and I hope you’ll check out some of the other blogs people have shared!

    1. Thank you so much for the follow and for stopping by and sharing your link! I really hope you find some cool blogs here too! I also followed you back 🙂

    1. Yeah I saw it and I’m so glad that my blog inspired you because a big part of my blog is inspiring others! It was an incredibly uplifting poem and I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  6. Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers! I’m hoping to reach that lofty number by year’s end. I need 51 more…

  7. Oh Wow! Congratulations! I would be super excited to get 100 follows! Well done!Thanks for giving other bloggers a chance to share their blog. Mine is just starting in the blogging world.

  8. Hi all! The team over at MIU would like to stop by and say ‘hello!’ The mission of our blog is to motivate, inspire and uplift. We also have opportunities for fellow bloggers to submit content to be shared with our audience. We have a growing community of almost 7k subs. If you would ever like to collaborate, please feel free to drop us a line at Our blog can be found at Thanks for this opportunity to network!

  9. Hi! Thank you… my blog was started as a way to have an outlet for random thoughts as I transition from working in the corporate world to becoming my father’s caretaker. My father is bipolar and we moved him into our home straight from the psych ward off of a manic episode. It’s only been 4 months and now I’m finding myself with my father back in the psych ward, but this time for depression. It is one heck of a roller coaster.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear about that and am glad you have found an outlet for your emotions and thoughts through writing. I have never lived with anyone with bipolar but have read and learnt quite a bit about the disorder and I know it can be incredibly tough to live in that situation. All the best and thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for doing this! It’s a wonderful way to support one another and learn about our different blogs.
    I have two blogs. My non fiction site,, is mostly a site of inspiration and hope. My fiction writing, is a bit darker. In the last three years I have experienced the deaths of my mother, my father, my husband, and the man I fell in love with after my husband. I’m still here, still kicking, still living, still writing! I write because I must. I share because I want to help others and because I like the attention (I’m honest to a fault!). Please come by and read. Let me know you’ve been there with a like or a comment and I will click on and read some of your work as well! Lets support each other in our creativity!

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I can not even begin to imagine how difficult that must be for you. Thank you so much for sharing your links 🙂

  11. Thanks for such an amazing opportunity!

    My name is Keely, and I am a freshman in high school with a deep passion for writing.

    My blog is full of my poetry, mostly about love. I have some stories too. I add to my blog frequently, and never go a week or two without at least one new post, so there are always little surprises whenever you go to visit my blog.

    My blog is:

    I hope you enjoy my blog if you choose to go!
    Have a wonderful day!
    With love,

  12. Hi there,

    I’m Chaos of The Muse.

    Well then. I recently joined the WordPress blogging scene and I tend to post things that interest me, therefore my blog is more of a personal one. I try to spice up my posts with a little amusement, so if you do happen to come by and say hello, I hope that I can, in some way, brighten up your day!

    Oh and of course, don’t forget to follow to join the Clan 🙂

    Best Wishes,
    Chaos of the Muse

  13. Pooja
    First of all I will thank you for providing me the right link to show case my blog for more of your followers and fellow bloggers to get a glimpse of my Blogs of various subjects.
    I am Sibananda Bhanja
    I am presently Asst General Manager in a Public Sector Bank in India but as a hobby I do photography and Blogging and I am very much hopeful you will like to go through my Blogs..


    hey guys, I am just a normal, every day, slightly weird guy who would like to change a few peoples perspectives on topics which have either directly affected me or affect other people, these are topics which go under the radar and i feel very strongly about, here is a link to one of my posts. I hope this helps some people out, and enlightens others. i will check out other peoples blogs! thank you for reading this! Stay beautiful guys 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your blog and please do check out the blogs others have shared here! You might end up finding something you really like 🙂

  15. Hi I’m Ashley and I blog at

    I’m a medieval historian by trade and blog as well as lecturing. I love sharing my family’s adventures on my blog as well as a little bit of history. I’m also a paranormal investigator, so that gets a bit of attention on my blog too!

    Lovely connecting with you all!

    Ashley xxx

  16. Hey, I’m new to blogging and still trying to find my niche. I love writing and so I’m writing anything that pops into my head right now. So far, I have mini random stories and rants about publishing! I’m planning on sharing stories about bipolar and RP (eye issues) because I would love to reach out and help others. I would love to hear from you!
    Thank you again, Pooja for helping me so much.

  17. Reblogged this on lifesfinewhine and commented:
    Just wanted to remind everyone that I have this page where you can share and promote your blog as well as check out awesome blogs that people have already shared!

  18. Hi everyone. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my blog here, thanks to Pooja:)

    My blog includes spiritual knowledge I have gathered from the universe and through my earthly existence, my spiritual journey going back to true happiness and love and raw vegan food recipes! I am constantly creating new things on my blog so there will be many more beneficial things for everyone who wants to be happy 😀 Check out my blog for your daily dose your spirituality and happiness! 🙂

    Many thanks!:)

  19. Pooja well done this is an awesome initiative! Hugs God Bless keep moving forward even if their are big or small obstacles on your way! You are the one in control now! I hope everyone sees this! I also experienced nasty ups and downs and im back!! Good Luck success!! Wees lief en aardig voor elkaar!! 🙏🏽👍🏽😘

  20. Thanks for doing this! I write a blog where I talk about ways to manage stress and anxiety. I started it after going through a phase where I was under extreme stress.

    My newest post, published yesterday, was about how to fit the stress reducing benefits of essential oils into your daily routine. I talk about what essential oils are, how they affect the brain, how I accidentally added oils into my life and I recommend a few oils for stress relief.

  21. Congratulations on reaching such a great milestone! Thank you for providing an outlet for everyone to share their blogs as well!

    I’ve recently revamped my blog that features my handcrafted items. I plan to provide sewing related pattern reviews, finished projects, and tips to help inspire! Please check it out!

    Thank you!

  22. Thank you, Pooja! This is great way to celebrate the success you’ve found with your own blog; spreading the love…
    I write a book blog, which is the evolution of plenty of past experimental blogging. Come have a look and let me know what you think!
    Thanks, writing friends!

  23. A very relatable and easy to understand blog written by a Hyperian for Hyperians or anyone else that’s interested in learning more about Hyperianism and what it means to be part of a world wide movement that’s working to create positive change, peace, and equality.

  24. Hey Pooja, Congratulations on your 7k and I hope it goes to 10k asap.
    I maintain a quotes blog and the quotes are written by me.
    The latest post on my blog “MARRY ME” is close to my heart and it describes my inner emotions of what I’d do to my significant other to spoil him and love him and eventually get end up marrying some day.

  25. Thanks for creating an outlet for others to share their blogs!

    My blog is basically a day in the life of me, I write about my experiences and how I’m just a 20 something trying to figure out how to be an adult. I write about uni, family, relationships, work and there’s blogs from my time at uni as well.

    Theres also a couple of pics of my dogs!

    Thanks 🙂

  26. Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity for us to promote our blog!!! My blog is about my sobriety, weight loss journey through WW, and fitness. Please give me a follow!!!

  27. Hi! I’m new to this whole thing so promoting my page would be a great opportunity to gain a purpose (lol). I am not a professional, nor do I know exactly what I am doing, but I am willing to swing at the ball.

    Mostly I will be writing poems, prompts, and random stories about my life. Things that interest other people really. I am open to anything and LOVE to write about my life! Give me a follow for more of this content!

  28. My main blog is where I’m raising awareness for severe food allergies and trying to share inspiration and hope to those who struggle with this. Anxiety, depression, and isolation are all potential side effects of food allergies, so I plan to address those as well, in depth.

    Thank you! Have a blessed day. 🙂

  29. Congratulations!!
    I have recently started a blog that is about everything mental health. It is to help people without mental health issues to understand more what mental illness is like and to help those with mental health issues to feel like they are not alone and to gain some insight. I’m so excited to post more in the future!!
    Zoe x

  30. Congratulations on 1K subscribers!
    I have been blogging about 3 years at
    I blog about humanitarian aid and issues of child abuse and neglect..
    Please stop by and sigh my petition to force company’s to label allergy products that have caused death in infants.
    I would appreciate a glance if anyone is interested in the topic.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to share 🙂

  31. Thank you for this opportunity and congratulations on your milestone of 7000 followers. I write about travelling Australia in a campervan, sort of like a snail with its home on its back. My more in depth blog is The Snail Trail and I also write a quick daily ( well, mostly 😬) blog called The Daily Snail I enjoy following your writing about your travels and hope you are enjoying mine too.

  32. Greetings Pooja! What a fantastic idea! First, I wanted to thank you for creating such a great space for others to share their stories and experiences! Blogging (and online platforms in general) are a great way for people to connect, share and help each other grow. If we only had a global blog for uniting people, we would be a much stronger race (human, that is).

    I’ve literally just posted my introductory post on The Scruffy Entrepreneur. I’m sharing my journey of setting up an online business (of which blogging certain qualifies) and journaling my path as I put everything together. My hope is that I can use the thing that I’ve shared to help others create their own freedom or just share their experiences and their interests. You can find the blog at

    Thanks again for this wonderful idea and opportunity. I’m definitely following you!

  33. Just found your blog and hey this is so amazing, giving everyone a platform to connect more like playing cupid on wordpress :p So we are a new in this and just posted the first introductory post. It is basically the two of us writing (like a bff blog) about our life and the things happening around in the hope of radiating happy vibes, positivity, love, do check it out and follow, always open for suggestions and criticism 🙂

  34. Thanks for recommending this Pooja!
    Well, I have a blog where I write short stories, poems and basically thoughts that roams about in my head and things that happens to me that I feel needed to be shared. that’s my blog address. Hope you visit!
    Thanks again, Pooja!


    Last week I started posting regularly. I had some issues, they made me take a break, but now I’m back for good!
    My blog is, basically, my diary. Sometimes I write about my life and stuff that happened to me (and give advice), and sometimes I write about whatever I feel like I need to talk about. I’m hoping to amuse and help people who are going to read my blog. Thank you for doing this!

  36. Hi Pooja. Congratulations. I’m a new blogger and you’re the only blogger who helps other bloggers. That’s very kind of you. My name is mohmy and I have a lifestyle blog. I write from my own experience, the things I see and feel.

  37. Congrats Pooja!
    I’m pescatarian (I eat fish but not meat), but I’m married to a veg-dodging carnivore 😂
    So I have developed recipes over the years that are full of flavours and textures so he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out when I cook for him. I share them on my blog
    It’s packed with veggie, pesky and vegan recipes that look good and taste delicious. Check it out guys! X

  38. I have enjoyed your entries immensely! And, I think any goal you set for yourself will never be too far away! Congratulations on such an achievement!

    My blog, a haphazard mixture of everything from poetry to thesis, centers around a common sense view of our world, our lives, and all the things in them. I hope to someday share in your level of success. Your readers can find me at:

  39. Wow Congratulations…..heartfelt. I just stumbled on your blog after checked out my space. I read couple of posts before this comment. You deserve more than 10K (You reached 10K by the time of this comment). I am really happy for you as the content you are writing is very unique and some are really funny(Hello stress buster).

    Coming to my blog, I share EASY & SIMPLE + HEALTHY recipes to cook right from your pantry. No exotic or use once and forget forever kind of ingredients will be in my recipes. Please come check it out.

  40.….give it a chance and you might find it entertaining. As of this writing I am getting at least one visit a day, which is up from zero visits just two weeks ago…. Awesome! Seriously though, read it and it might make you smile. Its not going to cost a cent either, just a click.
    Thanks for letting me post this.

  41. Hi, I am new to blogging and so far the community of bloggers has not let me down once! It is such a great thing to be apart of, with positivity and meaningful impact being important aspects of every single one of your posts!

    I understand you are all so busy, but if you would take a few seconds out of your day to see what I am doing with my blog, I would truly appreciate it as I believe in achieving personal success more than any other quality in life! It all starts with us and ends with us!


    Hi my name ia Consuela (Sway) and my blog is for anyone who likes poetry. It will be a weekly blog abt everything and anything to do with poetry. I’ll highlight a poet every month whether they’re dead or alive and I’ll even post my own poetry. I’m even working on a self-publishing my poetry book so I’ll be giving updates abt that. I’m looking forward to starting this blogging joirney.

  43. You are such an inspiration, Pooja! Thank you so much for paying it forward and dedicating a part of your blog for your fellow bloggers.

    By the way, I am a Filipino nurse-turned-law-student who has been working as a writer and defense researcher and analyst. My blog, The Open Concavity, has served as my outlet to escape the toxicities and rigors of law school and defense reasearch. But I recently decided to expand my horizons and, instead, use my blog as an outlet to reach out to my fellow law students and professionals on topics about faith, law, health, and defense.

    Hope our fellow bloggers will find time to drop by:


  44. Hi, massive congratulations for reaching this many followers! It is something I only dream about!

    If anyone on here would like to follow my blog I would be so grateful!

    I write about books, I review books, top lists, blog tours, cover reveals and much more!

    I am from Newcastle upon Tyne in England so my website is “Geordie” based.

    I will happily follow anyone back who follows me!!

    Happy blogging x

  45. Congrats, Pooja! I’m a high school English teacher and mental health advocate blogging about Faith and Gratitude, Peace and Hope. (Just click my photo to follow, and I will follow you).

  46. Congratulations on 1000 followers! What is your secret?

    I write about history, current events, cultures and peoples of the world, books and creative writing. Mainly it’s an outlet to practice my writing but I would love to network and engage with other writers and bloggers, particularly those who are starting out.

    Peace and love!

  47. Hello. Please check out It promises to blow your mind with a new style of creativity. Please do not forget to like the blog, share with others(the more, the merrier), follow(keep a tab on us & be the first to know about every new post) & comment on the post(we would like to know your thoughts as you read). EWP loves & appreciates you all. Cheers.

  48. Congratulations on getting to 9000 followers, that’s amazing!

    This is such a great idea – I love writing but I’ve been struggling to find places to connect with other bloggers and find new sites to follow.

    My main hobbies are writing and travel, so of course mine is a travel blog!

    It would be great if anyone wants to take a look.


  49. What a fabulous idea!! I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs through this comment thread so thank you Pooja.

    I am fairly new to the blogging game, and am currently writing about anything that takes my fancy; mostly inspired by literature and art but mainly going off on a tangent. I’m a British expat living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Feel free to check out my writing!

  50. Just got your email about your soooo many 000’s I lost count followers!! That’s amazing in itself! AS is how selfless having a place for others to tap into your fan base to help their own blogs grow is for us nooblets!

    I will always be grateful you were my first follower. It opened my eyes to so much more than just screaming into a void!

    If anyone wants to read about my late in life re-taking the wheel to my own journey I’d be honored!!

    1. Thank you so much and thanks for sharing your blog! So glad I was your first follower and I’m sure there will be many more!

  51. I, too, am new to the world of blogging, having started just 4 months ago. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions, as well as my struggles in life. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how blogging has also become a re-awakening to my path of personal growth!

    If you want to see any of my posts, you can find them at:

    And thank you for giving us this forum to share our blogs with other bloggers!

  52. Reblogged this on poetrymylife and commented:
    Thank you so much pooja,I really appreciate this effort and welcome it by heart.Lots of Congratulations,it is a big achievement.

    I work part time as Sales Consultant and love to take care of my family for rest of days.I started blogging as a self help tool,when I was going through tough time of losing a family member.

    Throughout my blog,people will find poetry and simple inspirational thoughts,at present I am in love with reading great Rabindranath Tagore books and regularly posting book review.

    It is a small step towards feeling the great writer’s work,I hope people will appreciate it what I am trying to say.

  53. Lifesfinewhine is always fun to read. I have an aspiration to become a successful blogger just like you. Thanks for dedicating a portion of you blog to other bloggers hoping to also become big.

    My blog is based on poetry that I write and also some fiction story-writing. I’d be really grateful for a few followers!

  54. Congrats on 10k followers, Pooja!! I have thoroughly enjoyed following you and reading your posts. 🙂

    I am a blogging newbie–just started my blog this week! I’m not sure where it will go at this point, but I envision it being a random compilation of poetry, travel and personal stories, opinion posts, and maybe some book reviews in the future.

    Here’s a link to my page:


  55. Hey..M new to blogging.My blog is about soulful words.if possible plz check my posts and give your valuable inputs.will really appreciate it Thanks

  56. Hi everyone,

    I recently started my blog called Bookwhispers. There I am going ro review books i have read and would love to chat with my hopefully new followers about their favourite books and books in general and maybe get reccomendations from my followers.
    Later, down the road I would also love to chat with my followers about life in general and life as a university student and as a muslima.
    I would love it if you checked out my blog and look forward to conversations with all of you. I am open for any questions and comments.
    Nice to meet you.

  57. On a mission to spread the word about the best medicine: healthy life habits <3

    Sharing my best plant-based recipes on Instagram @thetasteoflife_

    Thank you Pooja for fiving us this space! And congrats on your 1000 followers! here's to the next 1k 😉

  58. Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

    My blog is
    Which is all about sharing and connecting with anyone going through a difficult time: My stories stem from POSTPARTUM ANXIETY and TRAUMA after a serious car accident…my journey to be healthy in mind and body and share stories people can RELATE to!!

    All the best!!


  59. Congratulations and thanks for creating such avenue.
    My blog is and I blog on spontaneous issues. Life,love,family,travels and more of my life experiences. My blog also helps me release some anger without physically harming someone and also hopeful that it motivates and uplifts someone.

  60. First of all Congratulations in getting almost 11K followers and Thank You so much for sharing a part of your blog for us.

    I am a newbie to reading and writing community. Below is my new blog which i just started last month on reviewing books. Please drop by and leave a comment so that i can improve and do better writing

    1. Congratulations on your following! Outstanding! I host a blog Living in The Gap, join me when you have some time. I’m at Looking forward to future engagements.

  61. Massive Congratulations to you Pooja for reaching the 11k milestone and for the opportunity to share my blog.

    I write poetry based on my life experiences and essentially hope to connect with others through my words because we all go through similar things but don’t always have the words to express it, I hope for my blog to become that bridge. So please like. follow and comment and I will do the same. Thank you

  62. Congrats Pooja on this achievement. I do wish you luck for the future.
    Fellow users, I recently started a blog This isnt supposed to be a promoting thing, Just wanting to get some feedback and connect with people. So, do check it out.

  63. Congratulations to you on a great blog and an impressive following!
    My blog The Everyday Radical is about my adventures in trying to live more eco-friendly life, but in a sustainable and affordable way, while looking after a small person and not spending much money! I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

  64. Hi Pooja. Congratulations on your milestone. I actually only saw this now… The promote and share your blog… I hope it will be okay if I share mine? 😀 I have an addiction recovery blog if anyone wants to check it out:

    Well done and keep doing what you doing…

  65. Well impressed with this Pooja. And what a great idea. Also big congrats on your achievement. I’m still new to the blogging scene. Would love to share my blog with you all, it’s a lifestyle blog sharing my life, travels, shopping, fashion and thoughts X thankyou for the opportunity xxx

  66. This is absolutely incredible and awe-inspiring. I’m pretty new to the blogging world but have been working hard on consistently posting and being genuine. I’ve been focusing mainly on healthy skin care, non-toxic lifestyle, healthy mind, and whatever other ramblings come to mind. I would absolutely love the support!