How To Have Fun As An Introvert!

How To Have Fun As An Introvert

Today, I thought I would share some ideas for how to have fun as introvert:


As an introvert I get a lot of anxiety about stuff like hanging out or going somewhere and to decrease your anxiety and have more fun you should try to plan our your activities for the day before hand so that you have a stress free time. And if you’re going to multiple places make sure you have a ride planned, and I think one way to make that less stressful is to rent a car because if like me you don’t really have a car of your own it gets a little expensive using taxis or Uber’s all day long. Turo is a good option if you’re in the US, Canada or the U.K. It’s car renting company where you can rent a car and the best part is it’s peer-to-peer renting. That way you can have a ride for the whole day and don’t have to worry about getting back on time. For more information on Turo and how to rent a car please click here.

Few People

I usually don’t like parties or events with too many people because I start feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable so if you’re planning a party or get-together make sure to invite only close friends and family so you don’t end up overwhelmed with talking to everyone and being a good host. If there are few people you can have deeper conversations with everyone and have a good time too!

Loosen Up

Try to loosen up before hanging out with your friends so you can have fun. Meditation and yoga helps me loosen up but you can do anything you’re comfortable with that you like. Playing with your pets is also another great way to relax.

Nothing Is Perfect

Nothing in the world can be perfect and your party/fun night out doesn’t have to be perfect either. Honestly, some of my fondest memories are of when things went wrong and my friends and I were just like what?!? I know how hard it is to try to not control everything but it’s way more fun to let go and just let things happen the way they’re probably going to anyway.  

Do Something Mellow And Low-Key

If you’re idea of having fun is sitting with a few close friends and discussing the books you’re reading at the moment or your favorite TV shows in your PJ’s with a bunch of pizza and popcorn I say go for it! No one should tell you how to have fun and enjoy your life and you should do whatever you want even if it seems boring to other people. Having fun is all about how you feel not about pleasing other people.

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66 thoughts on “How To Have Fun As An Introvert!

    1. Yeah I’ve always been an introvert but I’ve been working on being a bit more social too and I think it’s fun to socialise sometimes (as long as I get time on my own to recharge!). It’s good that you’re getting more confident and you should keep trying to socialise and see what happens! 🙂

  1. Excellent timing. I used to love going to the mall at the holidays just to see the decorations. I certainly wouldn’t shop then, just wander down the main corridor. Now I go to a mall about once every five years. I pretty much avoid all crowds. A party for me would be no more than five people I knew well.

    One of the reasons I take my service cat with me is that the focus is on my cat, not me. He is a extrovert big time, so what attention I get is cat related. I’m much more likely to talk so someone who is an animal nut also.

    I was just interviewed by the local newspaper. If they decide to run the article, they will also need pictures. Talk about scary, but it’s a chance to help other people with hoarding issues, so I will do it if they want me to. Then I will quietly slink back into my shell, lol.

    1. My cats have really helped me with my anxiety and introversion so I totally understand where you’re coming from.
      That sounds terrifying but also amazing that you’ll be in the paper plus help other people out! 🙂

  2. This was a good topic choice, different to say the least but really good choice in topics. Lately you have been busting out topics left and right that are really good. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks Shay-lon! Yeah I had a kind of writers block for a while but I finally feel like I’m back and I’m getting a lot of ideas which is awesome! 🙂

              1. Hahahhahahaah! I am dying laughing! wow! I can’t believe someone was so bold to say that, seems unbelievable to say the least. wow! what did you reply back to this person?

                1. Yeah I was like super surprised. I mean who says that. Apparently not everyone enjoys my quotes… lol I didn’t really reply cos I didn’t want to get into an argument with someone like that.

                  1. Hm, probably a good idea. So they don’t like your quotes, they prefer your poetry or possible the new topics you have been writing lately?

                    1. *No one tells me how to run my blog unless they bribe me with a snickers…
                      Lol I have a friend who hates chocolate this reminds me of her cos she hates snickers

                    2. I haven’t had a snickers in a long time, but they are decent 😀 I am not a HUGE chocolate person, but I like it every once in awhile.

                    3. Yeah I don’t eat a lot of chocolate or sweets in general but I have an uncle who lives in Europe and he gets me Swiss and German chocolates and I just binge on those because they are soooo amazing!

    1. Yeah I understand that because I had a hard time making friends too but this post was just about what to do so you can have fun as introverts. Although this did get me thinking maybe I should write a post about making friends as an introvert. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    1. Lol now you know! Ikr we are like the perfect introvert friends cos we always do totally low-key stuff but end up having so much fun!!

  3. As an anxious introvert, I totally have a whole routine for loosening up before going out! But unlike you it’s not relaxing. I put on real loud music and dance by myself while getting ready. It helps burn off some of my anxious energy and puts me in a mood for having a good time.

    1. Ooh that’s a really cool way to forget about your anxiety too! I usually listen to music too but when I put on my make up and do my hair. I don’t dance though 😜😳

  4. Whooa, I love those tips! I am really not that 100% introverted, I am an ambivert, but, there are more introvert blood that is running inside me. In fact, my friends are mostly extroverts, they love going out, hanging out, and making friends with as many as they can. There are times,many times that I don’t go with them and feel the warmth of my bed instead.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. I don’t think I’m completely an introvert either because I do enjoy spending time with others but I also need to spend time alone!

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