The fear of change

The fear of nothing changing

The fear of love

The fear of hate

The fear of pain

The fear of feeling nothing

The fear of everything

Why are we so driven by fear?

Why do we live in a paradox?

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54 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I think fear is the opposite of love (and trust). It’s not an emotion but a lack of it so the more love inside of us the less fear 💕

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  2. On the topic I can only say that fear, when compared to irrational fear or phobia, is the subliminal awareness that each of us is still hesitant on aspects of reality, threats, or bad persons in our immediate surroundings. Once we survive a real trial of fire we tend to handle that specific fear much better, though such is a learning process, not an easy auto-solution.

    Spiritually our inner fears help us learn introversion and developing into better persons, step by step. I always found meditation helpful, but each individual has the own solutions or failures.

    Poetically you wrote a wonderful piece of poetry. Thank you, for sharing it freely with all the world!

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    1. Thank you so much! And thanks for sharing your thoughts it was really interesting to read. I find meditation and yoga really helpful for my anxiety too but of course everyone has something different that helps them.

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  3. Fear is nothing but illusion which is blocking us from seeing the reality. I have get rid of all sorts of fear since I step into my age of reason and enlightenment. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Amazing! I learned to live with fear and use it. Sometimes is better to face your fears and reborn as warrior.. This is progress! You know…the strongest steel goes through the hottest fire.

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  5. What fear to me is a reality check,but how long can you keep going when reality meets you and keeps you.
    What then,and how can one live when fear is always there. we are to use it, but not live in it.

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    1. Yeah I mean we have evolved to fear everything as a defence mechanism but sometimes it’s hard for your brain to know what to fear and when to fear specifically and I guess that’s where the problem sets in.

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  6. Fear knocked, faith answered. There was no one at the door 😊👍👍
    Great read though pooj. I remember my own struggles with this common thread which is corrosive among almost all of us, I still have them at times…
    Very poignant and valid. Thank you

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