Good News: I’m In!

I just wanted to share some amazing news I received with you guys- I’m in! I got into my first choice college in Canada for a bachelors degree in History. I have never been more simultaneously excited and terrified in my entire life! I am really proud of myself for getting in. It was my first choice since the area its in is amazing and offers a lot of things I am interested in. I worked really hard for my grades in high school. I sacrificed a lot so I could put in the work that would get me good grades. Thanks for all the good luck you guys sent my way when I applied and I am so happy to say I’m in!

And if you’re reading this and you’re Canadian or have been to Canada please let me know some facts about it and places to visit there in the comments below! And let me know what Canadian foods you love. As well as fun things to do in Canada!

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132 thoughts on “Good News: I’m In!

  1. Congrats I live in USA but have been in Canada (as a little girl though) But I live on the border with Canada. If you ever have time, or want to take a field trip, try checking out the Peace Gardens, which are super pretty!

  2. You’ll have to learn how to speak Canadian. First word everyone learns is – Eh. Usually added to the end of every sentence in conversation. Has multiple meanings: from isn’t it? to don’t you agree? Anyway Congratulations. What city you will be in will determine to a large extent your places to visit options. Eh?

    1. Hahaha yeah I’ve heard a lot of Canadians say Eh a lot so I guess I’m going to have to pick that up 😅
      I’ll be living in St. Catherines so I guess I’ll be able to see Niagara Falls and stuff.

      1. Haha! Then I’m going to change my advice. Don’t forget to enjoy outdoors, and always use a good coat!!! 😋👌

        1. Hahaha thanks! I will definitely keep that in mind and yes a coat is a must because I do not want to freeze 😅😲

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah I am Indian but I was born and raised in Kenya so I live in Kenya so I did it through a Kenyan agent. However, I’m sure that if you email the university you are interested in they will help you find a reliable agent in your area that you could do it through. And if you’re interested in going to Canada I can give you the contact of the lady from the university I am going to (Brock) who helped me out. I’m sure she’ll be able to help you out too.

      1. Yeah I am absolutely interested. I was looking forward to contact someone. The whole process is so confusing. I end up exhausted every time. I would love get into contact with your agent. May be she might recommend me to an Indian agent then !!

            1. Yeah sure and in case Lyndsay doesn’t reply the first time you email her try again because sometimes she gets busy and forgets to reply.
              Best of luck with your application process. It’s tough but definitely worth it!

  3. Congrats and good luck. Had been to Vancouver for a very short biz visit. Anyways, it is a good place with lot of Indians…. Enjoy.. 😊

  4. Bravo! I live in Montreal but was born in Ontario and lived there for the first 20 odd years of my life. My sister used to live in St. Catherine’s. Great town. Check out the beautiful little community of St. David’s too.
    All the best!
    And have fun too.


  5. That’s FANTASTIC Pooja. I live in South Africa and have never been to Canada. I do know that it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Embrace this opportunity with your whole being and enjoy it. I won a scholarship to Coumbia University in New York to study Journalism when I was 17 but let my fear of change get the better of me and never went. I have regretted not going, bitterly ever since. Wishing you everything of the best this is the start of a new and very exciting part of your life.

    1. Thank you so much!! Yeah I was pretty scared of leaving too but I knew that I needed this and I needed to have this experience and that’s why I applied.

      1. I am near Kingston Ontario where Queens University is located. I am guessing you are planning to go to Brock University? St Catherines is a small city (about 10000 more people than Kingston) When I first went to university I opted for Kingston partly because it wasn’t big.

        1. Yeah I am going to Brock. Is it good? Yeah I wanted to go to St. Catherines because it’s quite a small and homey place from what I’ve seen so far. Plus the weather is a little better.

          1. I wish I knew something to tell you about Brock but I don’t. In a way maybe that’s fortunate because hopefully you and your family are or will be carefully researching the school and any promises that you are relying on. Exciting times for you 🙂

            1. Yes we have been researching Brock and St. Catherines for a while and so far I do like it. And Canadians seem really friendly towards international students which is really nice too 🙂

    1. I’m going to be in Ontario so I will definitely check out Montreal and I’ll try to see Quebec too! Thanks 🙂

  6. Congratulations!! I’ve been to Canada, mostly to go fishing, occasionally to smuggle small objects back and forth. You’ll enjoy it quite a bit; it’s quite a bit like the USA, only cleaner. And the people are nicer. It does tend to be a bit cold though, hopefully you don’t mind that?

    1. Thank you! Yeah I know it gets quite cold in the winter but I think I’ll learn to live with that and I don’t mind that too much!

  7. I am so happy and excited for you. Congratulations and I hope you like your new home and school. I’m sure it’s going to be an adjustment, but you’ll make it. All my best to you. I didn’t read all the posts. You said Ontario, but where? Toronto?

    1. Thank you so much and yeah I really hope it works out!!
      I am going to this town called St. Catherines. It’s pretty small and very homey I think. It’s quite close to the US border and I think Michigan and New York are just a few hours away.

      1. i would have to look it up. I am in Michigan, near Detroit. Across the bridge is Windsor, and if you go northeast Toronto, but that is not that close from here.

        1. Yeah St. Catherines is pretty close to Detroit (a few hours away)! Yeah you can just check it out I’m sure you’ll find it on Google Maps- it’s about two hours away from Toronto.

          1. Okay, I have an idea of where that is. I hope that you like the area, and are happy there. I’ve only been to Canada a few times, and that was just to Windsor, which is right across from Detroit.

            1. Thank you so much I hope I like it too!
              Ooh ok yeah Windsor is pretty close to Detroit. Did you have a good time in Canada?

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