Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day and may the force be with us all!
For some awesome Star Wars posts to get you through this awesome day click here.

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41 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day!

    1. It’s May the 4th which sounds like may the force which they say in Star Wars so May the 4th became Star Wars Day! 🙂

  1. You have made many post dedicated to Star Wars, lol. I made one for today as well, it was random but it has been all over social media today! I am not a HUGE Star Wars fan, but I have seen it, and I don’t collect anything Star Wars, but the movies were seemingly okay. Will you be going to see the newest movie?


    1. Hahaha yes I’m a proud Star Wars nerd!! 😜
      Yeah it’s a pretty huge day for Star Wars fans and I’m like seeing Star Wars posts everywhere!
      Yes I am definitely going to see the new movie!! I am so excited about it actually!

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