Judy The Bunny Tag!!

Thank you to inkgirlandwords for not only nominating me for the Judy The Bunny Tag but also creating it which I think is so amazing and cool!! She is an amazing writer and super supportive so please do check out her blog and be sure to support it!!

Rules For The Judy The Bunny Tag:

-Link back to the person who nominated you and also to the creator of the tag (Me!)
-Answer this question: Why do you like Rabbits?
-Post a cute picture or drawing of a bunny (if it isn’t yours, credit it)
-Write a short story or poem about Judy the bunny
-Post the video Introducing Judy the Bunny
-Nominate up to 20 people and let them now you’ve nominated them

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This image is from here.

Why Do I Like Rabbits?

Because they’re cute and adorable and look like a ball of fluff!

Poem About Judy The Rabbit:

Nible nibble nibble

Bite bite bite

Chew chew chew

Sniff sniff sniff

Look around for more little treats

Out in the garden!

My Nominees Are:







And everyone else who follows this blog is welcome to try this tag!!

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24 thoughts on “Judy The Bunny Tag!!

    1. You’re welcome! It was super fun to do and I mean who doesn’t love bunnies?!?
      It’s totally okay take your time doing it!

  1. Bunnies are adorable! And I love the picture you picked out – so cute! 🙂

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