Happy Canada Day!

As most of you probably know I’m going to be moving to Canada pretty soon for university. So I thought I should wish all the awesome Canadians reading this a very Happy Canada Day!!

To be fully honest I don’t know much about Canada Day. I did not even know that it was a thing. I guess we don’t hear much about it. However, it is very much a thing. And Canadians seem to love it and celebrate it every year. Since I will be in Canada soon I thought I would learn more about the country and its traditions. And I guess a specific day set aside to celebrate the country is a good way to start.

Are you Canadian? Do you celebrate Canada Day? What are some facts that you know about Canada? How do you celebrate Canada Day? Did you know that Canada Day is a thing? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing from you guys or simply stop by and say hi! Happy Canada Day!

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33 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

    1. Yeah I think I’m definitely going to love it there! I will! I’ll definitely still be blogging regularly once I get my stuff together there!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think I’m really going to enjoy living in Canada. All my friends who are already there really like how nice and friendly everyone is!

    1. Yes definitely! You’ll feel like you moved to Canada with me 😜
      I was thinking about putting out a few videos about my first few days there!

  1. Welcome to Canada and wishing you all the best for your continued studies. Can’t wait to see if your posts develop a Canadian accent ‘eh? hahaha

    1. Thank you but I’m not there yet!! I’ll be moving in August! Thank you so much and yes I’m pretty sure all my post titles are going to be ending in ‘eh’ 😂😂

    1. Yeah I can’t wait!! I’m really looking forward to it! My friends who are in Canada tell me awesome stories about it and the people there (apparently Canada is very clean and pretty!)

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