I’m Free! (Midterms Update)

So my midterms finally ended yesterday and I’m finally a little more free! I’m getting some Korean food tomorrow (because I literally love Korean food so much!!) and planning on relaxing a little! I still have a psychology quiz left but it’s online and pretty easy!

The midterms went okay but not great. I’ll get the results next week!

As many of you who have been following this blog know, I recently started going to university in Canada. Before that I had taken a gap year and had taken several months off. I wanted to spend some time doing nothing and enjoying myself. So these midterms were the first serious tests/exams I have taken in quite a while. I am not a fan of tests or exams. I don’t know if anyone really is lol. And so I was pretty nervous about these midterms. But they weren’t as bad as I expected. I guess I’ll really only know when I get the results just how well they went lol.

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37 thoughts on “I’m Free! (Midterms Update)

  1. Have a lovely break and re-charge for more learning and growing. It can be very exciting. I just read about work by Khalil Gibran this morning: ” work is love made visible “. It would be wonderful if we all could feel that passion.

    😊🦋🎶. Resting and dancing is also part of the whole

  2. Hey I’ve just graduated for my first diploma in Journalism. So I’m a qualified journalist now! Blog post coming up soon. University can be so much fun I know! But nothing beats the feeling you get when going on holiday! Eapecially if study away from home.

    1. Wow that is so amazing! Congratulations on your achievement! Yeah university can be very fun but unfortunately it does get tiring and it’s nice to have a break!

  3. Hey!
    I tried Korean food Saturday for the FIRST TIME! what did you order? or what do you normally eat? I will tell you I tried this spicy pork, white rice, this sweet beef, and it came with a ton of sides. lol oh and vegetables dumplings (which I loved with the added sauce option they gave us) lol


    1. YAYYY!! That’s amazing!! I had the spicy rice cakes with noodles and vegetable dumplings and Bibimbop which is like a rice dish with veggies and spicy sauce! Did you get kimchi as a side?? Did you love it and are totally obsessed with Korean food like me??

      1. I have yet to try the spicy rice cakes, and I will have to try bibimbop next time, was it a bowl with a egg in it? I feel like I learning what all these dishes are.
        I did get kimchi on the side, but wish it was cooked warm because I didn’t love it cold. I liked the coleslaw stuff that came as a side as well, and the potatoes lol

        1. Ooh yeah definitely try rice cakes! They are so yum especially if you like spicy food!
          Yeah bibimbop is the one with the rice and egg on top! It was really good!
          Ooh if you want the kimchi cooked you should try the kimchi stew it’s really good with rice (and not cold 😂)

          1. Oh kimchi stew, okay! I will have to remember that 🙂 thank you for the tips. Also, I was afraid to try the bibimbop because it looked weird, so maybe next time I will and it reminded me of what Naruto would eat on his show! lmao

            1. Yeah Kimchi stew is soooo good especially when the weather is cold! Yeah it looks a little weird and smells a little funky but it tastes incredible!

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