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So today in Psychology we were learning about sleep and dreams and talked about different dreams and how they can be interpreted and it remind me of High School because my friends and I used to discuss the dreams we had that night and we would try to analyse them. It was really a lot of fun! It also gave me the idea for a “Dream Journal.”

Coincidentally, just last week I had a really insightful dream that helped clear some things in my waking life and I remember thinking “sometimes I learn more in my dreams than when I’m awake”. Dreams have always fascinated me because I truly believe they have an important meaning behind them and listening to your dreams helps you bring your unconscious thoughts into your conscious which is sometimes what we really need in life. Dreams have a way of telling you things about yourself.


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I would really love to explore my unconscious more and that’s why I decided to get a dream journal! I don’t remember my dreams as often as I would like to but my professor said the more we try to remember them the more likely we are to actually remember them.

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I’ll keep you guys updated on any particularly interesting (or weird) dreams I have!

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17 responses to “Dream Journal!”

  1. Good to hear from you Pooj. Keep dreaming!!

    1. Thanks Opher!

  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    JOURNAL ON!!!!

    1. Thanks for the reblog!

  3. I used to keep a dream diary, now I tend to remember my dreams as soon as I wake up, if I don’t I remember them when I go to bed the following night. Strange but true 😊

    1. Yeah my professor told us that is very likely to happen and I find that so amazing because it keeps you in touch with your inner subconscious thoughts!

      1. Indeed it does. 😉

  4. I’ve kept a dream journal since I was a teenager. My subconscious knows a lot of things my conscious mind doesn’t want to know. I’ve also dreamt things that came true later. This last year was an emotional rollercoaster as I broke life long habits and faced down my demons. For instance I kept dreaming the end of the world was coming, fire and destruction. Every night. It was true, my world as I had known it WAS coming to an end as I made major improvements in my life. I used the journal to write out what was happening in my inner life of dreams as a way of talking to my subconscious. It really helped to let me make my life changes. Now I can program my dreams to a certain extent and I’m much more open to my subconscious. No more end of the world dreams!

    1. That is so amazing! I get dreams like that (or to be more precise nightmares) when I’m overwhelmed or stressed out too. It’s really interesting how much you can learn about yourself from your dreams.

  5. You’re a psychology student? That’s pretty cool! Abd yeah dreams do have some sort of an interpretation from our subconscious brain. But that got me thinking, what about those dreams where we have a sensation of falling and all?

    You have a really cool blog going on here abd I have followed to read more!

    1. No I’m a History student but I took a Psychology course that turned out to be really interesting! We actually learnt about the falling dreams which are very common and happen more often when you’re stressed or anxious. They only occur during the NREM Stage 1 sleep.

      Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

      1. NREM stage 1 sleep? I was really curious about those kinds of dreams actually. What about sleep walking? That is controlled by our sub concioys right

        1. Well there isn’t causal evidence for sleep walking but I think it does have a lot to do with out unconscious.

          1. Oh… that makes sense!

            1. Haha yeah a lot starts to make sense because of Psychology! It’s very eye opening!

  6. I will be surprised if you remember me lol but I AM BACK from an unexpected hiatus. Hopefully will be blogging now! Awesome post!!!

    1. Heyy!! So glad you’re back I really missed reading your posts! How have you been?? Of course I remember you!

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