Changes- Poetry

As the world around me

Changes every second

I stay the same

Every imperfection on show

For the world to see

Is there something wrong with me

Or with the world around me?

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23 thoughts on “Changes- Poetry

  1. I see nothing wrong with you dear, but the world has many problems. We must take care of ourselves, so we can help the other people see the light of reason. Take care.

  2. I like your Jposts here, PoojaG.
    Technical note – you might want to make a clear demarcation between the end of your writing and the recommendations about images sources, donations, etc. Cheers!

  3. I was watching the late Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyer in Netflix. In some ways than one, Mr. Campbell said it best.In summary, become who and what you are. Don’t let the world change you. You have the privilege and ability to become what you need to change for yourself, not others, not even the world. when that becomes, you become that beacon for the world to change for you.

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