Easy 3 Step Pizza Sauce Recipe!

I’m usually a very lazy person and although I do love cooking, I still tend to look for an easy way to do it. I mentioned this on the post I made about my recipe for the perfect pizza base. But I love pizza. The only problem is that sometimes I get too lazy to make it. And I had a hard time finding the right ingredients to make a delicious vegan pizza. Making something vegan is a little more complicated (but worth it!) than making the regular version. However, this pizza sauce recipe is so easy and so incredibly delicious. And of course we used all natural and organic products.

I know that everyone loves a good pizza. But we rarely have the time and energy to make it themselves. I know that many of us are much more likely to just order out when it comes to pizza. However, a homemade pizza that is made from scratch just hits different. You can make the pizza just how you like it. And one of the best parts is that you know you have used the best ingredients that are fresh, organic and delicious.

If you’re like me you’ll love this easy 3 step pizza sauce recipe! As I mentioned in my other recipe posts, I like to keep those separate from my regular posts on this blog. So I have been posting my recipes on Hubpages. That way if someone is interested they can view it there. Here’s the recipe, hope you enjoy it!

For the full recipe click this link: https://hubpages.com/food/Easy-Pizza-Sauce-Recipe

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