As you guys know I’ve been back in Nairobi for a while and I thought I would explore a little and go see some new places I’ve never been to before. This post is actually coming in a little late because we visited the place like 3 weeks ago.

Anyway we decided to first check out the Rouge Deck which is by far the coolest place I’ve been to recently! It’s located in DusitD2 which is actually a hotel but has a lot of cool things too! They have a red pool and there’s a sitting area in the pool- like right in it- which is why it’s called the Rouge Deck! That was a really bad description to be honest so just check out the pictures below to get a better idea of what it looks like!

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Once we were done with our drinks we decided to check out the rest of DusitD2. First we checked out the super awesome looking restaurants which also have vegan and vegetarian options!

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Then we decided to go see their studio which was the prettiest place ever with some amazing artwork!

Image result for DUSITD2 nairobi

Later we decided to explore a little more, however, some of the floors are restricted but we were lucky enough to go see them anyway!

Overall, I had an amazing time! They have some amazing restaurants if you’re interested in going to eat, they have some super cute little stores if you’re in the mood to buy something and if you just want to hang out and have some drinks the Rouge Lounge is absolutely the perfect place for it!

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22 thoughts on “DusitD2

      1. Mmh nice. The pictures are nice. Now I wanna visit dusitD2.
        Also come to mombasa so that we can meet up and stare at our phones.😅

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha when my sister first told me about it I was like WHAT?? how does that work but once I saw the pics I was like oh ok. The weather was really good and we were so lucky because it started raining as soon as we left 😂


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