The Guy From Another League

GoodReads Blurb For The Guy From Another League:

“The Guy From Another League” is a book about a girl who made a wrong choice. It will bring her humiliation and disgrace. Her relationship will bring out the worse from her. She will gamble with her reputation, lose her friends and dignity. All for the guy who just wanted the one-night stand.

My Thoughts:

Before I start reviewing “The Guy From Another League” I really just want to appreciate the fact that Kristina’s first language is not English. Yet she has managed to publish a number of books in English which I think is really inspiring!

I am not a fan of books about love and relationships in general so I was slightly skeptical about this one. However, I knew that it would be interesting since I have read other works written by Kristina and I was impressed with them. And as expected I was pleasantly surprised by this one too.

The book is about a girl called Renata, who falls in love with a man called Davon, who clearly doesn’t want the same things as her from the relationship. It’s eye opening and beautifully realistic. If you’re sick of reading about super feminine women who are portrayed unrealistically this is definitely the book for you. I would definitely recommend it and even if you usually don’t read these sort of books in general.

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