Addis Ababa Part 2- Food

If you haven’t read the first blog post about my time in Ethiopia you can check it out here.

I felt like I needed to do an entire post just dedicated to all the amazing food we ate because there were so many things and it was just so delicious. I was really surprised to begin with because they had so many vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Our meals included their traditional Injera bread which is naturally vegan and gluten free. The rice was also really flavourful and delicious- usually mixed with some stir fried vegetables.

The buns were also absolutely amazing. They were super soft and chewy and so delicious. The darker bun was a traditional Ethiopian one that was salted at the bottom and they told us they usually make it in a pan rather then bake it. It was sort of crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside- the taste kind of reminded me of a pretzel.

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