A Graphic About Artificial Intelligence In Movies

As you guys know Star Wars is my favourite movie. And so I was super excited to share this graphic about artificial intelligence in movies with you guys! When I saw this graphic site about Artificial Intelligence in movies I was really pleasantly surprised and knew that it would be something I was both interested in and that I would also be using this information at some point. As I am sure you guys know, I have my pros and cons list ready with AI. And I think using AI in a certain way can be really fun and interesting for us. And this is one of them.

AI is a complicated topic. But the truth is, I still love technology to an extent. And when it’s used to make our experiences in movies better, it can be a wonderful tool. I think that’s a great way to practice a balance between Artificial Intelligence and humanity.

It is from a site called EnlightenedDigital that you should definitely check out if you’re interested in top tech and business news, updates and analyses from around the web! Anyway, do enjoy this infographic!

Graphic About Artificial Intelligence In Movies

What’s your favourite movie in this list? What do you think of AI? Did you know any of the information given above or was this also new to you? Let me know in the comments below because I am always excited to read your thoughts on my blog posts! Or just simply stop by and say hi!

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10 responses to “A Graphic About Artificial Intelligence In Movies”

  1. The Matrix! 👍😃

    1. Love that one too!

  2. Star warsss!!!!❤️❤️

  3. My favorite is also Star Wars 💕

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