Eating Vegan/Vegetarian When Traveling

As a vegan who loves to travel I know just how hard it is to find places that offer vegan options. And that is why when triptipedia asked if I wanted to share my tip about eating vegan/vegetarian when traveling I was quick to say yes and share this tip! I have been vegan/vegetarian my whole life. I was raised vegetarian and eventually I transitioned to vegan a few years ago after learning more about the dairy industry. Although I was used to certain limitations and restrictions because of being vegetarian, veganism was a whole different thing. It was much more difficult for me to find foods I could eat. And this was particularly a problem when it came to eating vegan/vegetarian when traveling. And there for I decided to share my main tip for those going through a similar situation.

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I also wanted to say that triptipedia doesn’t only have vegan/vegetarian tips. They actually have a number of great tips and ideas for travelers looking to make their life a little easier. I would definitely recommend checking out their page even if you’re a pro at travelling you never know you might learn something new. And if you’re new at travelling then you have to check them out because trust me things can really go wrong sometimes and it’s always good to be prepared!

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13 thoughts on “Eating Vegan/Vegetarian When Traveling

  1. I agree, it’s so difficult to find places which offer vegan options whilst travelling especially when you are travelling with someone else who isn’t vegan and doesn’t want to trawl around the streets looking at all the restaurants’ menus! Also, airports are the worst for not offering vegan options. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yesss airports are the worst they rarely have vegan options and even if they do it’s like a packet of chips or something gross that tastes horrible. They really need to work on more vegan friendly food at the airport.

  2. I find eating vegetarian/pescatarian quite easy around the UK but abroad I am usually limited to a Margarita pizza. I wish they would put ‘vegan’ on the labels! There are so many things to look out for as a vegan (ingredients wise) and if they just but ‘Suitable’ or ‘Unsuitable’ I would find myself venturing to a more vegan lifestyle.
    Thank you for this post! x

    1. Thank you and yes I agree a lot of companies don’t put vegan on the label even if they are vegan which can be so frustrating! I used to find it very difficult to find vegan food when travelling but now i just do my research and I think I’ve got the hang of finding vegan food now!

    1. Wow that sounds like a lot of fun hope you enjoy your trip and yes always look up where to eat so that you know the restaurant is hygienic and delicious because it sucks when you get sick during your holiday!

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