Trying Out Sephora’s Birthday Gift

My first reaction when I opened the box up was omg this is wayyyy too cute to use! I mean everything inside was so tiny and adorable especially the lipstick.

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But a few days ago I finally remembered I still hadn’t tried the stuff out and decided to try it out and review the products for you guys!

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So I started with the lip scrub. It smelt amazing and it worked great too. My lips were slightly more plumped and definitely a lot more smoother.

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Next I tried out the lip balm which again smelt amazing and definitely left my lips smoother. It also tasted good which made it difficult to stop myself from eating it (yes I have no self control…)

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Then I tried out the lip liner which smelt AMAZING!! The color was a perfect natural colour for my lips and skin tone and looked really natural even though I over-lined my lips.

Finally, I tried the lipstick which was so tiny and adorable I really just wanted to save it and never use it! It of course as you can predict smelt amazing and it had a very matte but not at all drying effect. The color was adorable and perfect for if you are going for a natural look. However, I had to use it multiple times to get it to show up which I thought was a little annoying since it was so tiny to begin with.

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I went to eat after putting it on and unfortunately it did not last at all whatsoever. I had to keep reapplying it all through the day. It was a really pretty color and looked and felt amazing but it’s not something I would actually buy if I’m being totally honest because I just don’t think it would be worth it.

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Let me know if you have tried this product and what your thoughts on it were in the comments below!

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