Ways To Save Money While In University

Ways To Save Money While In University

When I first started university I had no idea just how expensive it would be. Everyone talks about how expensive the tuition fees are but in reality that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, if you don’t make an effort to try to keep your expenses low it’s easy to end up spending way over budget. Over the years I have found some ways to save money while in university. And these have really helped me stay on budget.

I thought I would share these with you so that it can help other students too. So here are five ways to save money while in university.

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Even though it sounds really tempting to eat out as much as you can since university can be overwhelming and leaves little time for cooking it can also be very expensive to do so. Instead of eating out all the time or ordering in, try things like meal planning. You can keep your ingredients ready or make more food and freeze some for later. This will save both your time and money.

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Buy in bulk

Although some things get spoilt/expired if kept for too long a lot of things that we use on a daily basis don’t. If you know there are certain items that you will be using regularly make sure to buy them in bulk such as toilet paper, tissue paper, water bottles etc.

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Whether it’s paying for gas, an Uber or a Taxi, transportation can be expensive but there are a few ways to travel without actually paying too much for it! For example, check out your bus timings because using the bus instead of using your car can really save a lot of money(plus it’s way better for the environment!)

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Living expenses

Living expenses can end up being really expensive especially while you’re still a student. However, because you’re a student many people do offer student discounts so remember to ask them if they offer this before paying for something. Plus, try to keep living expenses low by shutting off lights when you’re not using them or getting a roommate to split the expenses with.

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Used items

Universities often expect you to buy a lot of things such as textbooks which are not affordable whatsoever! However, getting used items can really keep the cost at a minimal. A lot of universities do sell used textbooks and other used items so be sure to check these out before actually buying something new.

What are some of the ways you guys save/saved money while studying? Let me know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Ways To Save Money While In University

  1. I got round a lot of that expense when I was at college.
    I didn’t eat, lived in a slum, shared lifts in and spent all my money on gigs and albums!

  2. I worked for the University so I got free tickets to all the gigs and events. Solid plan.

    Meal sharing is a good way to save money, time and make new friends (if you can cook).

    We could never afford heating our damp flat so we befriended people in warmer houses, or just revised in the library where the heating was free!

  3. This is all so true!
    Moving to a new country as an International student can be very overwhelming & few tips like this will definitely go long way!

  4. Terrific post! It was a long time ago, but to save money getting back to school from my hometown I arranged a car ride when I could (rather than taking a train) and focusing on eating how the residence meal plan provided, much like you say here where you explained meals in school.

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