5 Really Great Vegan Substitutes

Finding the right vegan substitutes can be really difficult- you end up trying a bunch of things before you actually find something great! so I thought I’d help you guys out and let you know some of the substitutes I am really loving right now!

earth balance butter

1. Earth Balance Butter- I used to love butter! I used to put it in pretty much everything and when I stopped eating dairy butter I was kind of sad because honestly I did miss it but after a bit of research and trying a few different brands I finally found Earth Balance’s non-dairy butter! It is delicious, creamy, light and amazing and most of the times I can’t even tell that it’s not dairy butter.

earth island cheese

2. Earth Island Cheese- Again, I LOVED cheese before I went vegan. I always used to joke around and say that I could add cheese to anything and it would taste amazing. Out of everything I gave up I think cheese was the hardest for me because I liked it the most and ate waaaayyyy too much of it. I’m not going to lie and tell you this tastes just like the real thing because it doesn’t but it tastes wonderful in it’s own way. Out of all the vegan cheeses that I’ve tried (which have been A LOT) this one tastes the closest to real cheese and it also has a pretty similar texture too. It cooks really well as well. Some vegan cheese tastes a little off but since one of the main ingredients of this is potato starch it actually tastes really great and doesn’t have a weird aftertaste. I would definitely recommend trying it out if you’re looking for a cheese substitute.

mother in law's kimchi vegan Mother In Law's Kimchi Vegan

3. Mother In Law’s Kimchi- I love Korean food and one of my favourites is Kimchi. However, most traditional kimchi is not vegan and therefore not all companies can make good vegan Kimchi. However, Mother In Law’s is absolutely amazing- it’s not too spicy, it tastes fermented but not too much and the jar is really big so it really lasts a while!

kettle chips

4. Kettle Chips- A lot of junk food isn’t vegan and a lot of potato chips have whey powder added to them. However, I love my junk food and if you’re like me try out Kettle’s vegan potato chips. They have lot’s of flavours and are amazing in taste and texture! My favourite flavours so far are Sriracha and Jalapeno.

silk milk silk milk silk milk silk milk

5. Silk Milk- I love non-dairy milk but not all brands make it just right. Sometimes it can taste kind of watered down or just weird but Silk’s nondairy milk tastes absolutely amazing! It’s creamy, sweet and delicious. Definitely one of my favourite brands for nondairy milk.

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60 thoughts on “5 Really Great Vegan Substitutes

    1. Thanks and yes I am vegan and I feel much better after changing my diet. I always used to feel a little tired and weighed down and now I feel much more energetic. And my skin problems have gone away too which is nice. Are you vegan?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not vegan but I’ve been considering to make the change. I think it will be relatively easy for me because I’m Egyptian and we have a lot of naturally vegan cuisine but I just haven’t took that step. Plus I need the energy because I also feel so weighed down and tired these days. Maybe I’ll do a 30 day challenge just to allow me to begin lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah maybe you can cut out stuff one by one too. When I first went vegan I just did it randomly without preparing and ended up eating dairy again but the next time I cut out stuff one by one and it went really well. Yes there is so much vegan Egyptian food it’ll be great!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I used to think vegan was the best diet for my intolerance’s to certain foods. However, I eat more fruit, melons, eggs, bread, tuna (packaged), sorbet, oatmeal, and things of that nature. Some days I mess up and have something with soy. I can no longer go to any restaurant and eat because all things are fried or cooked in soybean oil.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I guess each person is different and different diets work for different people. I can understand because a lot of restaurants use soy now and it’s very hard to find a restaurant that caters to specific diets.


    1. Yeah I think once your taste buds change and get used to it you’ll like non-vegan foods much more. I really hope these products help you as much as they helped me in my transition to veganism.


  2. So while I’m not totally vegan I eat a lot of vegan foods as I too was like you with the cheese but can no longer take dairy products. I must say that changing my diet was one of the best things that I’ve done. Great post… Yes, I love Earth Balance Butter, but haven’t tried the cheese as yet.

    Liked by 2 people

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