Memes All Introverts Will Relate To

They’re always fun and I thought I would do another post sharing funny memes all introverts will relate to. I haven’t don’t one of these in literally years so I thought this would be a fun change. I decided to share some funny memes all introverts will relate to today since I am such an introvert most of the time and I just found these memes so relatable. Hopefully you guys will too (if you’re an introvert too). Let me know if you enjoyed them in the comments below.

Memes All Introverts Will Relate To

Memes All Introverts Will Relate To

Memes All Introverts Will Relate To

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Did you enjoy these introvert memes I shared today? What was your favourite meme from this weeks memes? Which of these memes did you enjoy the most? Are you an introvert? Or do you think you are more on an extrovert? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing your thoughts and if you don’t want to answer these questions simply stop by and say hi!

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46 thoughts on “Memes All Introverts Will Relate To

  1. This it me!!! I put so much out on the interweb, but I never talk in public. In fact, if I’m in public talking to people and meeting new people, you can bet that I am being held against my will.

  2. Introversion, shyness, fear of public speaking – it is something that holds us back. But it can be overcome! Practice does help. I used to be extremely nervous about public speaking but my job thrust me into the limelight and doing it often creates confidence.

  3. While I relate to all of them, that last one was sooooo meeeee!!!! I can write (or even think) and get stuff out clearly. But as soon as I open my mouth, every thought and plan and grammar in my brain takes a sick day and leaves only the child in my brain to take care of me 🙃

  4. Lol, can relate to all of these! Even though before 21 I would still have responded like that to someone saying about picking me up at 10! 🙂 And the last one definitely. My brain just goes to mush! xxx

  5. Pooja, thanks so much for pulling these memes together. Good stuff! I so relate to this that some time ago, I created a podcast (on iTunes) and videos — “Introverts Own Your Voice.”
    I say that an extrovert has a giant pizza pie of energy, and an introvert has a pecan pie of energy.
    That’s a powerful meme with Dumbo’s ears at full bloom with “people I know.”
    many blessings,

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