My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So I had one of the terrible days ever today. I woke up thinking I would finish my research paper and hand it in by five in the evening. And do some revising and stuff. But when I woke up all the work I had done was gone!

for what gif

So anyway I had to retype the whole thing by 6 because it was due by 7. And I still had to get it printed and take it to the drop box and stuff.

terrible gif

I tried really hard to finish the whole thing on time but I was still late and got to the bus stop by about 7pm. I thought okay maybe if I try really hard I can still make it. But of course the universe had other plans.

the universe hates me gif

The bus got delayed and came at about half past 7 by which point of course I was already super late. And there was no way I was dropping this thing in on time. And just as a final kick to the face from the universe when I reached school and asked a lady whether the building was still open so I could drop it off she took forever to find out (not her fault at all she was super nice and helpful it’s just the timings were not written anywhere) and so by the time I got to the drop box it was 8.

I was obviously late and I’ll try to talk to my professor and let him know why I dropped it off so late. He is really nice and hopefully he will understand.

fingers crossed gif

In case my TA is reading this which doesn’t seem likely but just in case you gotta go easy on me man I had a terrible day and tried my best okay! This is Pooja from HIST 2P61 by the way.

cmon gif terrible

Anyway I had a totally different post planned for today but I felt like I really needed to tell you guys about this experience. Hope you guys all had a much better day then I did.

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30 thoughts on “My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. Omg that is awful 😞😞 I’d be crying so much if I lost my essay for my coursework. I’m so paranoid about it that I actually save an extra copy on a USB stick as I go along (I do not trust my laptop😂) I hope they understand and your paper still gets a good grade!

  2. Chin up Pooj! We all have days like this. Things always get better.
    I still have nightmares about a computer error I made. I was working on a novel and was having a real creative burst – the ideas were flowing – I was typing like mad. I did seven hours straight and had produced nineteen pages. It was on an old Amstrad. At four in the morning I knew I had to stop to get a few hours kip before work. Somehow I went to save it and a dialogue screen opened and I clicked the wrong thing. I sat there while the machine clicked away erasing my entire 19 pages. Probably the best writing I’d ever done!

    1. That’s horrible that you lost so much writing but yes unfortunately that does happen sometimes. Technology can be really annoying sometimes!

  3. I’m glad you were able to get it done. I had a similar thing happen to me with a 4000 word paper. It was a nightmare. Luckily my mom helped me retype because I just happened to have a printed earlier draft and was able to turn it in on time but, I got no sleep that night. Now I control save every paragraph even if it does save automatically. Too paranoid now. Hope your luck takes a turn for the better after this!

    1. Wow that sucks but I’m glad you were able to retype it and make the best of a horrible situation! Yeah I’m really paranoid now as well and save a bunch of times just in case!

  4. I hope your tutor gave you good marks. You tried so hard. Hope life has eased up on you. It is so hard to stay cool, calm and collected under such pressure.

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