The City of Saints: The Hood Series

“Because a ten-year-olds will to freedom is a greater threat to monarchy then weapons are.”
“I have a mind of my own, but I am not allowed to think for myself.”

The City of Saints: The Hood Series: Amazon- 4.7 out of 5 stars

The City of Saints: The Hood Series Summary:

In a dystopian world, cyborgs have taken over. To escape persecution and genocide, a ten-year-old girl, Nuha Edel must run away from a war her elders have started. With the spread of an unknown disease and the rise of anarchy, Nuha tries to flee from the wreckage of war but instead ends up in the arms of the cyborgs, who are programmed to kill her kind.

The real problem erupts when Nuha realizes that the war she’s running away from is a part of who she is. Being born different is not a blessing but a curse and the only way to uplift that curse is to fight or fall, and Nuha is ready for neither.

The City of Saints: The Hood Series is an unforgettable tale of kinship and betrayal, enmity and forgiveness. It transports the reader into a future where artificial intelligence and humans are fighting for humanity and morality. A future steeped in blood and revenge, loyalty and remedy. It explores how history has the ability to resurface, no matter how deeply it is buried.

GoodReads-  4.0 out of 5 stars


After the second treaty was broken by the hoods, the cyborgs waged for; killing whoever came in their way. Its history repeating itself all over again with bans, segregation, alliances and peace treaties.

Nuha Edel, a ten-year-old girl finds herself trapped in a war her elders had started. She goes on a journey to find her father who had disappeared six months ago. But stumbles upon Specialized Assassin Military-bot, SAM who vows to protect her. On their path to safety, SAM and Nuha meet an old man, Xander who is greatly affected by a water-borne disease. Can a ten-year-old girl, a cyborg, and an old man find an escape from the extinction of mankind?

About The Author:

A. Rinum was born in Kharian, Pakistan. She moved to the United States when she was four years old but moved back to Pakistan at the age of eight. When she was fourteen years old, her family decided to move back to the states again. Currently, she lives in New York City and is obtaining her Bachelors in Biochemistry. Rinum started writing at the age of ten and is currently working on a poetry book.

My Opinion:

So I’m going to try really hard to review The City of Saints: The Hood Series without giving away any spoilers because I felt like one of the best parts of reading the book was the twists and turns.

To begin with I thought this was a really great book overall. The writing was good, the plot was unique and fascinating and the characters were inspiring and relatable. I have been a really big fan of dystopic books since I was in high school and one of the themes we had to write on was dystopia. I think that was one of the reasons I really enjoyed the book.

The character of Nuha was a really great one too since she is a ten year old which brings out her innocence and purity. The rest of the characters are also easy to bond with and be empathetic to.

The plot was really interesting and I think the story line is really great. It’s one of those books that takes unexpected turns and twists that leave you wanting more.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of dystopic novels or futuristic books. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of dystopia I would still recommend checking out this book I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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