6000+ WordPress Followers!

I honestly had a totally different post planned for today but I woke up and to my surprise I realised this blog had reached 6000+ WordPress followers! Ahhhh!

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I want to thank all my WordPress Followers and I also want to thank everyone who took the time to read, like, comment and share any of my posts. Truly, I appreciate it and you have no idea how much your support means to me.

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I have started posting regularly over the last few months and honestly it has been really amazing. You guys have been so sweet and supportive of all the posts. I know it takes me a while before I respond to comments but I’m busy with school too so I’m sure you can understand. I’ll try to respond to all the comments as fast as I can though.

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I also want to thank you guys of being so supportive of all the six word stories and poetry I’ve been putting out. I’ve only just recently begun writing those again and your support means the world to me!

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I was not posting as regularly last year because I was in kind of a rut but I will talk about all that in a different post. For now I just want to appreciate you guys for being so awesome!

I really hope you guys keep supporting this blog and sharing your comments and opinions because I love reading them. Again thanks to everyone for following me and I hope you guys enjoy my blog especially if you’re new to the blog! You guys are honestly the best!

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106 thoughts on “6000+ WordPress Followers!

  1. Congratulations! I don’t feel so special being one of 6,000, but that’s all right. I’m almost at 50 followers. I’ll try to catch up next week.

    1. Thanks! It’s not important to everyone but personally it’s awesome to know that these many people like my posts or liked my blog enough to follow me.

      1. Ok so im doing without any public followers here i have subscribers! So maybe i should get people to like site and gain followers like my FB ! But im on Amazon too and Shopstyle now as a Verified influencer still building my Amazon Pooja! Hugs ! 😘👍🏽

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