How To Push Your Way Out Of The Comfort Zone

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At that moment, when you realize that everything turned out and life was a success, it turns out that the diligent comfort zone so diligently conceals an immense danger.

There is such an old and very right saying: “Fish looks for is deeper water, man for better places to live.” And this is absolutely correct and natural. Each person strives to make his life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. . It would be complete idiocy to abandon these benefits of civilization.

It would seem, well, what is wrong with a quiet, comfortable existence? You feel relaxed, there are no risks in your life, you are satisfied with how things are going, and you do not feel any need to change anything. Maybe you do not feel incredibly happy, or 100% satisfied, but at least you feel comfortable, right?


Almost always your comfort zone is the fruit of self-deception. You tell yourself that the best alternative to your current position does not exist, that you have spent too much effort to build it, that it is already too difficult to change anything in life. You stop at one place, although quite a convenient location, and with your own hands nullify all the great prospects of your life. The comfort zone turns you to the end point of your journey. Why is this happening?

You become soft.
What happens to a person who takes a bath of warm water for a while? He relaxes, limp. And if such a stay stretch for quite a long time? That is right, and it is degrading. His muscles lose their tone and very soon he will not be able not only to run but even just to stand still.

But this concerns not only the body. The same thing happens with our brain. The lack of the need to solve complex problems makes it to where liquefaction in the head and loss of clarity of thinking, ability to learn and make decisions.

You become a vegetable that moves along the same trajectory every day and performs the same tasks every day.

In the meantime, remember which period of your life was the most fruitful and creative for you? I am sure that these were not the most pleasant and comfortable times. Some will remember sleepless student nights, other life-threatening journeys and situations, and still others — crisis periods in their lives when everything had to start all over again.

You give up on life goals.
Everyone, well, almost everyone, a person has somewhere deep in the sub cortex that most cherished goal of his life. Yes, something from the series “to see Paris and die.” The most exciting thing is that very often these goals are not so expensive and unattainable. But something always bothers us.

We postpone our goal further and further, and as the comfort zone grows around you, it becomes practically unattainable. It is so difficult to get out of a warm bath even for a while and go out into the street.

You may never know yourself
There is an opinion, and it has been justified entirely, that only in difficulties the real face of a person is revealed. You can live your whole life in greenhouse conditions and never know what you really can do. Can you really be bold and inventive? Do you be able to show patience and perseverance, or does it just seem to you?

It is time to get out of your comfort zone and understand, if only for yourself, what kind of person you are and where lies the limit of your possibilities. I assure you that the result will surely surprise you.

Sooner or later, the comfort zone for any person turns into that factor which slows down its development and deprives life of sharpness of sensations. Remember the most exciting moments of your life. Surely most of them are connected precisely with those moments when you were doing something unusual, extreme, going beyond the usual routine, leaving your comfort zone.

So why not do it again?

About the author
It has always been difficult for Melisa Marzett to leave her shell, but she works on it day by day. She is into psychology ever since she was at school. Currently working for as a freelance writer, she has an opportunity to travel all over the world she enjoys doing despite being an introvert. She stands for increasing opportunities, expanding the horizons and an animal rights activist.

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15 responses to “How To Push Your Way Out Of The Comfort Zone”

  1. The comfort zone is a trap. You never know what you can do until you do it. Falling flat on your face is a learning experience. No toddler learns to walk without falling over.
    The worst thing is looking back and knowing what you didn’t do.

    1. Absolutely agree. You would rather try something new and fail then not have try it at all!

  2. I’ve been thinking lately on my comfort zone so this post came right on time lol. I do feel like I’m playing it too safe in life and I need to really get up and change that.

    1. Yeah sometimes trying new things and changing your routine can really help!

  3. Your perception of life can move your forward or bog you down. I chose forward steps, thanks for your insight.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Wow, great post! I recently made a big break from my comfort zone, because comfort had turned to complacency, resentment, extreme boredom, and unhealthy sedentary habits. Not everyone can take the adventure/travel break that I did, and financially it definitely wasn’t the smartest choice. But it was necessary, it was healing, and it helped me redefine my goals in life.

    1. I’m glad it helped you to leave your comfort zone and I think if you can afford it travelling is a great way to do so.

  5. Great article, and I love the vivid descriptions. I personally hate the “comfort zone” and like to think I’ve banished that rotten thing from my life!

    1. Thank you so much!

      1. You’re welcome!

  6. I love guest posts, they help me see other people’s perspective. This is some really great writing, it has given me ideas to get out there. Comfort is the enemy of success.

    1. Yeah guest posts are so great for having a different perspective on your blog. Comfort is not as good as it feels, we need to leave the comfort zone to achieve our dreams!

  7. Really loved this guest post, Pooja! I feel like I’m reading this at just the right time because I’ve currently just pushed myself out of my comfort zone in a way that I haven’t before. Taking risks is scary but necessary to reach goals.

    1. Absolutely agree! Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to get what you want.

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