Another Scary Experience!

A lot of universities need students to do co-facilitation’s which is when you teach the seminar for one class. My university is one of them. I have five of those to do this semester and I just finished my first one yesterday and I thought I would tell you guys about how it went since it was quite a scary experience!

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Firstly, the seminar topic I was doing was about Kenya so I at least I knew what I was talking about and I didn’t have to do a ton of research on the topic.

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So it started with me having to explain the two articles which was alright because I had written notes on what I had to say and kind of just read from the paper. The only thing was I was a little red in the face, kind of looking down while reading and not making too much eye contact. But I don’t think it was that bad.

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Then I had to ask question which I had prepared which was a little scary because sometimes people just stare at you and no one answers.

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Luckily this class was not like that and people participated and answered a lot which was so great. That was a big load off my chest.

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Plus, the professor was SO sweet and helpful. He would always chime in with helpful questions, answers and information. I thought that was nice because some TA’s/Professors don’t do that and you’re kind of just left hanging.

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I was super anxious the whole time obviously but it was 50 minutes and I somehow got through it without totally freaking out.

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After the class my professor talked to me and told me I did a good job. Which was so nice of him. I got my results for it and I got 9/10!

I’m glad I have these co-facilitation’s because I’m hoping they’ll help me get over my anxiety a little. And help me be better at being in charge and talking to groups of people.

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Well that was my scary experience that turned out to be not so scary. Have an awesome weekend guys!

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43 thoughts on “Another Scary Experience!

  1. Great work with the media add ins. Very creative and funny. You’re a much better student (of formal education, anyway) than I ever was. My father used to always say, as I left the car for the schoolhouse: Make an A today. And so, I pass that advice onto you and all of the world’s students. He is a man of few words, but they’re all good ones.

  2. Aww i remember how nervous i would get in school..
    The mandatory speech class was a blessing in disguise lol

    Glad u made it out alive and with a high score too! 😊

    – Kiki 
    Take Note |

  3. The more you talk in front of people the more confident you become and in no time at all you’ll be able to rock the ‘stage’ even when you haven’t prepared that much in advance! I was full of anxiety when doing presentations in uni, but now after working as a tour guide and teaching 3 undegrad courses I am as relaxed as when I eat breakfast when I have to talk in public. And well done to you and for

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