Love In Love In Love – This Love (Guest Post)

I was sent on a mission to earth to find out someone or something that would complete me. I wandered everywhere, following every ray of hope, every soul that I believed would quench my thirst, give me the answer. Everyday was the same until I met you. I never thought you could be possible, it was like a fairy tale. I expected you to have been swayed and blown away by the wind, but you stood there, intact, solid, searching and exploring my deep soul through your hypnotizing eyes. Today is the day I think I’ve succeed. I’ve found you (or is it that you’ve found me?)
I know you’re a military officer and that you’re leaving the state tomorrow for your posting is in the eastern borders of US. I know that I won’t be able to see you for a long time (or maybe never). Before you leave, I want you to know some things that I always had in the back of my head which I couldn’t take the courage to tell you. I’m so proud of you, so proud.
If I turn back time, will the memories get erased too? I know I’m saying things that I can’t even do. So silly in love.
I’m just saying this out of guilt, for making things hard for you, for making you live in tears. So egotistical in love.
But for me, I can’t live outside you. For me, the only times that were colored by you are passing by, fading away, submerged by the domination of fearful consequences. So distressed in love.

I guess love is like that, no matter what you say, it doesn’t feel like it’s filling up. Even if I think it’s just my greed, these feelings won’t go away easily. So gluttonous in love.
If I go back, will I be able to endure all those hard times? When I see you, my lips tremble. When I see your eyes, my heart keeps fluttering. When you look at me and smile, it feels like time will stop. You’re my destiny, I want to protect you until the end of the world. You came to me like a dream and shook up my heart. I love you, are you listening? So absorbed in love.
I know not how you will be in the next 24 hours. I know not every second if I can call myself married or widowed. But I’ll always wish you the best, a hundred times a day. Even if everything changes, this fact that you are my everything, will be left unchanged, unaltered. Even if we can’t see our future, I will always believe in you and wait for you. So sincere in love.
I hope you know that until the end of the world, till your last breath, I’ll be your light, your support, your pain. My tears confess everything. So profound in love.
The only reason I’m alive is because of this love.

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13 thoughts on “Love In Love In Love – This Love (Guest Post)

  1. Oh Pooja nice posted by you. Love is the best (greatest) thing of life. One day a man ask me- what is the mean of love? I answered love is not for mean. Where present mean there love is not present and where present love there we can’t found mean.
    I love you. I like you and your posts.

      1. I know that very well. This is a guest post. But this post posted in your blog so i commented on this post for you. And thanks to them who written this post.

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