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Like many people, I’m a huge fan of The Office. I’m sure most people have at least heard of this show even if they have not seen it. The show has a bit of a cult following and Michael Scott has become quite an iconic character over the years. And I am definitely a huge fan of this character, played by the legendary Steve Carrell. So I thought I would share my favourite Michael Scott quotes with you today, hope you enjoy!

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Image result for Michael Scott Quotes

Image result for Michael Scott Quotes

Image result for Michael Scott Quotes

Michael Scott is such a treasure. I hope you enjoyed these quotes!

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Have you seen The Office? Are you a fan of The Office and Michael Scott in particular? Did you enjoy these Michael Scott quotes? Which is your favourite Michael Scott quote? Who is your favourite character on The Office? Or do you enjoy all the characters on the show equally? If you’ve never seen The Office, why? Was it too cringey because a lot of people feel that way, especially about the first few seasons. It’s one of those shows where you have to make it through season 1 and 2 to really get to the good stuff. Let me know in the comments section below because I would love to hear from you. Or simply stop by and say hi!

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  1. I can’t believe I took so long to see this. I have to admit it took some time for me to get used to his character, but that’s because I didn’t understand it. Love the quotes!

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