Six Word Story #23

On The Brink Of Collapse

Six Word Story:

Hurtful words. Masked Pain. Crying inside.

More About This Six Word Story:

I’m back with yet another six word story. I’m not sure if you guys have experienced anything like this. But there are some moments in life where someone hurts you deeply but you are unable to say anything. Or show how much those words hurt you. Instead, you have to pretend to be okay even when you aren’t.

I had many of those experiences especially growing up. I was occasionally bullied for things in school and had to pretend it didn’t hurt even when it really did. And home wasn’t great because it was quite a dysfunctional environment. And I had to pretend like things were fine even when they weren’t.

Have you ever experienced pain that you were unable to show or express? Have you ever had to repress any emotions even when you were feeling overwhelmed with those emotions on the inside? How did you deal with this situation and what helped you feel better? What advice would you give to someone experiencing this situation? What did you think of this weeks six word story? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section located below the post. And remember to leave your own six word story in the comments too. Or simply stop by and say hi in the comments!

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