Popular Blogging Tips Bloggers Should Not Follow

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Popular Blogging Tips Bloggers Should Not Follow

Although there is some amazing advice out there for bloggers here are some pieces of advice I’ve heard often that don’t really work- at least not for me. So I decided to share some blogging tips bloggers should not follow because they will lead you astray.


A lot of sites tell you to be very specific with your tags like instead of “food” tag it “lasagna” or “sandwich” but in my opinion this is a really bad idea for multiple reasons. First of all there are a huge number of people who would be interested in food or larger topics in general compared to the number of people interested in a specific thing. By being specific you are losing a lot of traffic. Furthermore, more people are likely to search a general topic on search engines like food rather then a specific one and so again you would be losing traffic.

Popular Blogging Tips Bloggers Should Not Follow


A lot of people advice that you stick to one or a minimum amount of topics on your blog but in my opinion you can do a lot of topics and still get a good following/traffic. You just need to plan yourself out properly and make sure your blog isn’t just a mess of random posts. Using multiple topics can help bring a lot of people interested in different things on your blog rather than those who would follow it from just one topic.

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Using a catchy and unique title is great sometimes but a lot of times there are titles that are more likely to get traffic like “how-to’s” and “top 10’s”. Sometimes sticking to these titles does help increase traffic especially from search engines.

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Even though it is a good idea to do more popular topics sometimes it really works in your favour to do something unique because you never know people might love it. Although a lot of people say that you should write on popular topics especially if you are blogging to earn money I think trying something unique would be worth it sometimes and may actually increase the popularity of your blog.

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Even though you should comment and interact on others blogs saying nothing and just leaving a link to your blog or a post on your blog is just annoying and less likely to bring you traffic or followers. Instead try to be genuine and show interest in their post and this will help bring traffic to your blog.

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181 thoughts on “Popular Blogging Tips Bloggers Should Not Follow

  1. Now that’s what I like, straight talking advice. As a very new blogger, every bit of advice is helpful to get me on track!

  2. I like the way you asked for people to connect on social media. I have the tags available, but I don’t ask people to use them. Looks classy, nice work.

  3. A question about your tags comment: Couldn’t you include both “food” and “sandwich”. I know I don’t want to have more tags than words in my post but would it be hurting my blog to be both general an specific?

    1. Not at all but make sure you check the limit of how many tags you can use because if you use too many tags WordPress will mark your post as spam and it won’t show on the tags section.

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