Planta Queen Review And Experience

Planta Queen Review

Today, I wanted to share my Planta Queen review. Planta was the first place we went to after reaching Toronto.

We were famished by the time we reached Toronto so we decided to head straight to Planta Queen- a vegan Asian restaurant we had been hearing so much about. Our reservation was for a little later but they were so sweet and said that we could we could sit down earlier.

The restaurant itself was absolutely gorgeous with paintings of dragons and lots of trees and chandeliers. It was a really fancy place which honestly I felt a little under dressed for. I felt like I should be wearing a shiny dress or something… 😂

Planta Queen Toronto

Planta Queen Toronto

Planta Queen Toronto

Planta Queen Toronto

Planta Queen Toronto

Planta Queen Toronto

What we loved:

Now on to the main stuff- the food! We had the General Lee’s Cauliflower, Kung Pao Eggplant and plain sticky rice.

Planta Queen Review

Planta Queen Review

Planta Queen Review

Planta Queen Review

Planta Queen Review

It looked absolutely delicious and tasted even better. We ended up finishing everything and were super satisfied with the meal. It tasted very authentic like something you would have at an authentic Chinese restaurant which was really nice because sometimes when people try to create a vegan version of something it kind of loses that authentic flavour.

The staff were super nice and friendly and they let us sit down even though we were early which was super sweet of them. The server also kept checking up on us and making sure we didn’t need anything even though they were quite busy. The food was also cooked well and arrived quickly so we didn’t wait too long which is always nice.

What we didn’t love:

The portions were not the best compared to other Asian restaurants. They weren’t really less but it wasn’t a large amount like you would get at a regular Chinese restaurant. Since it was on the expensive side I expected the portions to be larger than they were. I usually get much larger portions for a lower price when I get takeout.

Planta Queen Toronto Review

Planta Queen Toronto Review

However, it was definitely worth it since it tasted really good and I think it was a fun experience to have.


Overall, it was a fantastic experience- the food was great, the service was great and the restaurant itself was gorgeous.

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12 responses to “Planta Queen Review And Experience”

  1. My mouth is watering just by looking at the food pictures

    1. Hahah mine too I want to go back 😜

  2. It made me feel hungry and I’ve just eaten!

    1. Lol it was absolutely delicious!

  3. What an intense description of the place and cuisine!….absolutely fantastic worth visiting😊

    1. Thank you!

    1. It was!

    1. It absolutely was!

  4. Wow! Such a cool restaurant! So glad you found amazing quality vegan food there! Looks delicious too!

    1. Yeah the quality and taste was amazing! So glad to find it!

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