Cosmic Treats- Experience And Review

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So Cosmic Treats was the second restaurant we went to on our first day in Toronto. We had heard a lot of good reviews of it online so we were looking forward to it and had high expectations. However, unfortunately we were a little disappointed by it.

So let’s start with the cupcakes. We ordered one vanilla and one chocolate. They both looked really good and the vanilla one had little bunny ears (it was during the Easter weekend). The taste was a little too sugary for us and it was one of those things where the first few bites taste amazing but then your mouth is just like TOO SWEET STOP. The flavour was really good though I can’t complain about that.


IMG-20190504-WA0035 IMG-20190504-WA0049

We also ordered some cheese sticks to balance out the too sweet cupcakes and to be honest they were only just okay. Like they weren’t bad but they just were not great. Maybe it’s just me and I personally didn’t like it. The filling was jalapeno flavoured cheese which I felt was too jalapeno-ey (I don’t know how else to describe it…). The cheese’s texture was nice though- it was hot and gooey and soft.


So that was my experience at Cosmic Treats. The cupcakes were nice and the cheese sticks were okay-ish. I would recommend going there just because the neighbourhood is so cool and hipstery you will love it especially if you like graffiti and artsy areas.

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16 thoughts on “Cosmic Treats- Experience And Review

  1. The oreo cupcake makes my mouth water, just through a photograaph! It is sad to hear you were dissapointed, compared to the reviews, but it still seemed really nice. I will probably not get the chance of visiting it though!

  2. It is such a a bummer that the cheesesticks weren’t that great – I love jalapeños (and all things spicy), so I think I’d still be curious to see whether or not I like them. Also, the cupcake with the bunny ears is just too cute.

    1. Yeah I love jalapeños and spicy food too but these ones tasted weird to me. Like they weren’t spicy at all they were just really strong in taste- I don’t even know how to describe it. I would definitely recommend trying it out at least once because I’m sure a lot of people enjoy it I just personally didn’t think it was for me!
      The bunny ears cupcake was so adorable!

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