Travelling To Toronto- Day 1

Travelling To Toronto

As some of you who have read my earlier post know I decided to do a little bit of exploring in Toronto a few weeks back. It was an absolutely amazing experience and we had so much fun there. We were also able to try a bunch of vegan restaurants but I’ll write about those on separate posts because we had so much fun at all of them I need to review them in detail!

The Start

So when we first arrived we decided to go for an early lunch and then do a little exploring. We pretty much walked around a little bit going into random shops and looking at everything- it was more fun then it sounds I promise! Then we checked into out room and freshened up a little before we headed out again.

Then we headed to Nathan Phillips Square to check out the Toronto sign and New City Hall. It was gorgeous and the weather was beautiful so we had so much fun looking around, taking pictures and getting some fresh air.



Travelling To Toronto

Rest Of The Day

Then we decided to go for desert and snacks at Cosmic Treats because we were kind of hungry from the early lunch and there was still a lot of time before dinner. The area that it was in was really cool and hipstery with lots of graffiti art and really cute little restaurants and stores. If you’re ever in Toronto I would highly recommend stopping by Cosmic Treats and then taking a walk around the neighbourhood. It just has such a cool vibe.

After finishing our snacks and taking a look around the neighbourhood we decided to head to Kmart since we were looking for some Korean food we couldn’t find where we live. It was a really cute little place and we got everything we were looking for and more!

End Of The Day

After we finished our shopping we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We were both really excited because we were going to this South Indian Restaurant called Udupi Palace and we hadn’t had South Indian food in months!

After dinner we were a little tired so we decided to head back to the hotel and look around since it had a historic vault and other cool historic areas. After that we decided to head to bed since we had an early morning the next day.


Hotels In Toronto

One King West

We were also able to get a really good deal on the room thanks to which I would definitely recommend checking out if you are looking to book a room anywhere.

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28 thoughts on “Travelling To Toronto- Day 1

  1. That’s really cool. I haven’t been to Toronto, but I have taken a train to Montreal and that was really nice. It is like going to Europe without having to go all the way to Europe. Also stopped by Marineland. Everyone loves Marineland.

  2. Wonderful !… I Like & I share.

    It’d interesting that web services like work properly and just fine. You took the risk and it seems like it wasn’t that much of a risk booking through Excellent, take care & enjoy.

  3. OOH so excited to see those vegan posts. I have a friend i met online who lives there so I can act like i know more and show her those vegan spots you will be sharing lol

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