Big News (The Good Kind!)

So recently as you know I reached 10k on lifesfinewhine and it had been my goal this year to reach 10k by the end of it so obviously I was super excited.

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I also had another goal I had which I finally after four years achieved. I had been meaning to make my blog into my official website without the wordpress part in the link and I had decided that I would do it once I reach 10k. So lifesfinewhine is no longer but rather This is so huge for me and I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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Also I have some more good news- one of my amazing followers Fiskvik Antwi (go check out her blog like right now) has a little gift for you guys. As a nurse she obviously had to study really hard and realised that having a planner made a huge difference. And she is now giving away a 50 page planner on her blog to everyone for free- go check out her post at the end of which there’s a link to get the planner. As a student I know how important it is to plan yourself out and I’m sure it would be super useful for everyone! Click here to get the planner.

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PS. If you’re planning on getting your own domain or doing anything else with WordPress here’s a link to a site with a bunch of coupons that will get you a discount! Click here to check it out.

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64 thoughts on “Big News (The Good Kind!)

  1. Congrats Pooja!!
    The big news is really BIG !!
    May all your dreams come true….

    May I expect your blog life experience in the upcoming posts?
    It will be helpful for a newcomer like me…

    See you around

    Liked by 1 person

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