How To Be A Successful Blogger

Although it’s not always important how popular your blog is a lot of bloggers do tend to want to increase their followers/traffic. If you’re interested in being a more successful blogger here are 5 ways to do so.

Be unique- To be bluntly honest there are millions of bloggers out there and unless you’re bringing something unique to the reader it’s going to take a while for your blog to grow. Make sure your topic is unique and interesting so that readers will want to follow and read your posts.

Be genuine- You are way more likely to be successful if your writing is genuine. Your readers will see how passionate you are about your posts/writing and will appreciate the sincerity that you bring.

Popular topics- You are more likely to have more activity/followers if you write on topics that are popular/have a large audience. However, if you write a blog about a topic that’s not popular/have a huge audience don’t give up because sometimes unique topics really work out well!

Better your blogging- Make sure you’re not making basic blogging mistakes especially if your a newbie or aren’t gaining any followers even though you’ve been blogging for a long time. Check out my advice posts to make sure you aren’t making basic blogging mistakes by clicking here.

Have a genuine audience- Make sure you have organic following because if your followers are fake your posts will lack activity which is vital if you want your blog to be successful.

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48 thoughts on “How To Be A Successful Blogger

  1. This is good advice. As a brand new blogger, I needed some honest advice about what kind of content I should provide. I instinctually felt that honesty and sincerity were important, and blog this just verifies what I already assumed. Please, for the love of God, don’t give me a sales pitch. I need true feedback about my writing that does not involve cashing in on my blog. Thank you!

  2. I once had a real blog with close to 1.2 million followers, that was before 2016. I lost it due to a crazy law in South Africa. It was successful because the content was unique, very relevant and genuine. I believe in authenticity and even named my company Awethentiq (Pty) Ltd. Some Germans have even copied that name.

    1. Sorry that you lost such a largely successful blog and yes I agree being genuine and relevant makes a huge difference if you’re trying to grow your blog.

      1. Ag, that is just life. I built it to 6k again just to delete it while having a stroke. Now less than 300 but Im not chasing numbers. However, please consider inviting others.

  3. Thanks Poojag, I’d love to have lots of followers, but would rather write about my travels and record my memories. This the real reason for my blog. If people want to follow along that’s great, but I’ll keep writing even if they don’t. Thanks for your good advice. I like what you said about being genuine.

    1. Thank you and I think staying true to yourself and writing about things that you’re actually interested really helps make blogging more enjoyable!

  4. I’m glad that you included avoiding fake followers because I get so frustrated seeing people buy followers on here or on IG! Many don’t realize that buying followers can severely harm their engagement rate and hurt their chances of doing paid campaigns with brands.

    1. Exactly it’s really frustrating, also if feels nice to have try followers and reading their comments warms your heart, this is unlike he case when you buy followers.

  5. very interesting post, thanks for the tips and the help. We definitely have a lot to learn from you, I am about 400 followers compared to 13K, ufff. I still have along way to go. we will see each other on the other side, lol.

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