5 Ways To Reduce Your Anxiety

Be open to change- even though change sucks when you have anxiety you need to know that change is an inevitable part of life and that you can’t do anything without things changing. You just need to learn ways that help you cope with these changes. And honestly once you really accept that change is a way of life it really does help reduce you anxiety.

Accept your anxiety- your anxiety is there and I can tell you it’s not going anywhere. Sure at times you’ll feel much better and at times you’ll feel much worse but it will always be there to some degree lurking in the background. The good news is however that you can take back control and not let it control you. Do what makes you happy even if it does make you anxious at the same time.

Be prepared- From what I’ve been through with anxiety I’ve noticed that it tends to strike when you least expect it. I would definitely recommend being prepared especially if you know it’s going to be a stressful week. Make sure you know some relaxation techniques and also try to talk to someone who helps you calm down like a friend or family member.

Meditation/yoga- Meditation and yoga are really helpful when it comes to reducing anxiety in the long term. Although it takes a while before there is a noticeable decrease in your anxiety over time you’ll see a huge difference in the levels of anxiety you’re experiencing. You’ll be more calm and in control. If yoga isn’t your thing try some other form of physical exercise because it makes a huge difference for a lot of people with anxiety. I’ve also noticed that my mental health gets worse when my physical health suffers and I know a lot of people experience this so keeping your physical health at its best is definitely important for reducing anxiety.

Seek help- If you feel as though your anxiety is getting worse you should consult a professional. They will help you find ways to manage your anxiety in the best way possible that works for you and will give you advice on how to reduce it in the long term.

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52 thoughts on “5 Ways To Reduce Your Anxiety

  1. Great list as I struggle so much with anxiety. I hate it but I definitely have to accept it. At least I got rid of own of my wisdom teeth. I’m proud that I did it as it makes me so anxious. One by one. Anxiety will not win 💪

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  2. Great pointers and info. One thing I’ve learned or come to realize is that my anxiety will show up in the morning, so expect it to and deal with it as such. Apply or use the helps I’ve developed to deal with it and then keep moving on. As a friend mentioned to me who also deals with anxiety is that “much of it is simply in your head and the messages sent ARE NOT TRUE.”

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  3. I agree except I do believe it can go away. I’ve had long periods of time that it wasn’t even an issue when I do a lot of self care, meditating, etc. We can control it to a degree. ❤️

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      1. That’s wonderful! It seems like I’ve been able to have longer and longer periods without anxiety. We can do it!!!!

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  4. Some other things that I’ve found that help with anxiety:
    1. Replace coffee with green tea, especially on days where you know your anxiety will be bad. For me, these are clinical days, exam days, and lab evaluations.
    2. Turn nervousness into excitement. Physiologically, the body reacts the same way. When anxious/nervous, you’re more likely to be pessimistic, and screw up. It shows in attitude – trust me. Excitement will naturally put you in a better mood which is good in situations where you’re being tested.

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    1. I totally agree with both of those! Coffee just makes anxiety so much worse so I’ve been drinking chamomile tea which is supposed to have a soothing effect and being excited instead is super helpful too!

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