Why You Should NEVER Buy Followers

People will know- People will definitely know that your followers are fake eventually. They’ll notice the lack of activity that comes from having organic followers.

Sponsors will know– Again sponsors will definitely know. Since their job is to figure out who would be the best to sponsor they’re going to look at your stats and realise your followers are fake due to the lack of activity on your blog.

It’s unethical- Blogging is not just about getting followers/likes it’s about writing and creating posts that people can genuinely enjoy. Although there is no official rule book people are still likely going to avoid your blog if they realise your followers are fake.

It’s unfair to real bloggers- Those of us who are attempting to grow our blog organically spend a lot of time and effort to do so. It’s not as easy as people assume it is and it takes a lot of effort for your blog to grow organically. I find it extremely wrong when someone chooses to avoid the hard work and buy followers instead especially when it’s super obvious and you just know their followers are bots.

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84 thoughts on “Why You Should NEVER Buy Followers

  1. I heard that celebrities buy fake followers, I didn’t realize the average person could fake their popularity too, how desperate and superficial, yuck.

    1. It is just so sad that someone would buy followers. I only realized people do that on here when I noticed some blogs grow in a few days but they had very few likes and comments so I did some research and realized people just buy followers.

  2. People buy followers for blogs, Twitter and God knows what else.

    In my opinion it’s dumb and only injures any values one is trying to put forth with their blog.

    I’ve amassed seven followers, you being one of the first, and perhaps I will amass even more. Who knows. However I’ll do it by writing more and hoping people enjoy, or find interesting, what I write.

    That’s the way it works for me.

    1. It’s very sad that people do that. Blogging should be about writing not about followers/likes. I’m sure if you continue writing your blog will grow!

  3. So many of even organic followers are bots, and when I investigate, it appears to be true, based on their non-original content… I’m not sure what their purpose is, other than to perhaps take mine… so I keep removing them. I deleted 50 followers the other day. Though perhaps that’s not truly the organic way…

  4. I am shocked had no idea people buy followers even here. I am new just started my writing recently and the feeling that I have when I see someone liking or commenting in my post ,I wouldn’t want to change that for anything.

  5. And why would anyone want to do that?

    So unnatural, they will not be REAL followers. :\
    You can’t buy people’s sympathy with money, but you can resonate within their hearts.

    And from a “business” standpoint they will not engage for real, you know. Awesome post Pooj! 😀

    1. Thank you and I totally agree it’s a loss both from the business standpoint and from the blogging standpoint. The best part about blogging is meeting all these amazing new people and sharing your content so in my opinion it’s like what’s the point of blogging if all your followers are bots.

  6. It is crazy to but bots, as that is what fake followers usually are. Or, if human, #fakefollowers are suspects, not prospects.

  7. Fake is fake, regardless if it is purchased or not. For myself, I write and blog because it brings great joy and challenges in my life. I don’t worry about bots and fake followers. trying to deal with that for me takes aways from why I blog in the first place.

  8. Great post.

    I also think that it’s important to also address the numbers-driven attitudes that lead to trying to get fake followers–an obsession with numbers, I think can also hurt.

  9. Hello.

    ” the lack of activity”. I’m posting twice in a month! Do you think that that I do not have activity? Personally, I think that not, because translating my posts into four languages takes time!

    Happy weekend!

  10. God that truly makes me cringe, I didn’t even know that ‘buying’ followers was possible. How sad… to be fair it’s hard to see how such a person is going to get anywhere with anybody that matters, anyway.

    Actually this post reminds me so much of this one:

    I guess in both cases it affects us as you say by being unfair on the ‘real’ writers/bloggers and diluting the quality of everything.

    1. Yeah it’s very sad that people would buy followers. I don’t understand the point for me it would ruin the experience of blogging.

  11. Thats rightly said. I am new to blogging but I cannot disagree with the fact that its doesn’t matter to a good writer wether people are following him/her or not. Its something secondary.

  12. I’m another who didn’t know about buying followers. I don’t even know what a bot is!
    What I did notice was that I’d get ‘likes’ almost immediately a post was published. Sometimes a few from the same person. I eventually found out that I could check ‘messages’ and was amazed that loads had spurious words in. Common thread? They all wanted me to buy something / follow … I blocked them immediately.
    Thanks Poojah for great – and enlightening – post.

  13. It’s not just fake followers. A lot of people start on instagram and may gave 37K organic followers. When that happens, their blog grows super fast because they already had a following. However, the people that follows them do not use Wp.com and therefore there are no ‘massive likes’ or comments but the viewers are organic and they continue to get sponsorships. Like you said, a brand and a company knows. So even if it seems fake, if a person is getting sponsorship, it’s obvious they don’t have fake followers. On that note, a reputable blogger once said views are worth more than a like. Anyone can put a like and not read anything you wrote, therefore in that sense people are also not engaging with your post 🤷‍♀️

  14. Hello again.

    You commented me back this: “I would suggest posting as much as possible and staying frequent and scheduled when posting. Have a great day!”

    When translating my posts into English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, can you understand that it really takes time to translate, if you want to check grammar correctly, checking the conjugation of verbs for example in which cases you must use subjective, inflecting adjectives, units, plural, feminine forms and masculine forms, language idioms, etc.

    None of these languages is not my mother tongue. Those who follow my blog, knows that I will publish on Wednesdays every second week! By doing this way, I have 633 532 hits and those visitors came from 211 countries around the world! Conclusion: my way to blog is producing result at least to me!

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    Reindeer rides and Santa

    Happy new week!

    1. I think you should stick with a schedule that wotks for you. As you pointed out your posts are unique in that you need to translate them into multiple languages. Have a great day!

        1. Because it makes their blog less credible and sponsors will drop them assuming they have bot views/follows. I think that’s why but not totally sure.

          1. Oh no, it makes sense in that regard but like… Why would you waste your money on someone you hate? Lol. I feel like you’ve got some issues if you dislike someone for such stupid reasons as blogging, that you’d dump your money into purchasing a massive amount of fake followers just to discredit them- and if they did something legitimately deserving of discrediting, there’s way better ways of “getting back” at them lol.

            1. Yeah I really don’t understand how someone can honestly be that petty. It’s just sad that they would spend so much money, time and effort on sabotaging someone else’s blog.

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