How To Market Your Blog

Blogging is difficult and marketing your blog can be even more difficult. However, as most bloggers know it is quite difficult to grow your blog especially without marketing. Good marketing can have a huge impact your blog plus it’s very helpful if you are hoping to start making money off your blog or become a full time blogger. Here’s how you can successfully market your blog.

Reach out to people who are interested– do some research and figure out who is sponsoring other bloggers and try to reach out to them and ask if they would be interested in sponsoring you too. Email companies/people you know that sponsor bloggers and ask if they would be interested.

Join websites that help connect bloggers with interested sponsors- there are multiple sites that help bring bloggers and sponsors together. I personally use Intellifluence which has been very helpful for me so far but there are many others out there too.

Advertise yourself- you want to be your biggest fan when it comes to marketting. Show interested sponsors why they should be part of your blog. By this I want to clarify don’t leave spam comments/send spam emails. Send posts you like or are related to interested sponsors to give them an example.

Figure out what you want from blogging- once you figure out what kind of sponsors you want it’s easier to find specific sponsors who would be interested.

Make sure your blog looks professional- it is important to make sure that your blog looks professional. Like something someone would want to be a part of. This will help increase your likelihood to get sponsors. If you’re not sure whether your blog looks professional enough or how to make make it more professional click here.

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78 thoughts on “How To Market Your Blog

  1. lol I STILL need to join an influencer network!!! This is another great reminder to me.
    I mainly use Pinterest & IG to promote my blog, but I want to learn how to use Pinterest effectively, too.

    1. Yeah those networks really help and I’m sure there are some specifically for beauty bloggers that will be really helpful for you!
      IG and Pinterest are great but I need to learn to use them effectively too.

  2. great advice; I’ll be taking a look back at your advice on how to make my blog more professional looking. Although, the link you provide seems to go to a post about how to schedule your posts.

      1. they are helpful guidelines; I’ve got to work on editing my posts before I hit publish. It seems Grammarly doesn’t catch everything! 🙂

    1. I’m glad you found it informative and there are still definitely ways to get sponsors even as a newbie with networking sites!

    1. Thank you! Intellifluence is helpful but since you have a lot of posts on parenting I would also suggest checking out this site called Sway. They have a lot of sponsors interested in those type of posts.

    1. Yes absolutely I didn’t upgrade till I reached 10K followers and got a bunch of sponsors before that. You just need to reach out to the right people and join the right networking apps. In fact I don’t think you should upgrade to a paid plan till you have at least a few sponsors.

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  5. “you want to be your biggest fan when it comes to marketing”
    I definitely find this hard, haha – especially when I imagine people I know reading it. But I have to remind myself that my blog is about the planet, so I should be able to be my biggest fan for those reasons 🙂

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