A Quick Life Update

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Just thought I would do a little life update about what’s going on with me at the moment.
So my university has stopped all in-school classes till further notice so I’m having online classes and have to do write ups instead of seminar cofacilitations. It’s a bit frustrating as it’s a lot of work but I don’t mind. I’m also avoiding crowded areas and I’m trying not to go out unless I need to. I’m also just trying to stay positive by meditating and things.

I’m also seeing that a lot of people are really panicking about the situation and it’s effecting a lot of people so if anyone feels like they want to talk please feel free to reach out. I know it can really take a toll on people who already have anxiety or mental health problems.
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65 thoughts on “A Quick Life Update

  1. Sounds like you’re staying safe and chill–no easy task in these uncertain times. I recall you’re taking a course on America in the 60s.
    Still liking it? I have a special interest. Did you read the Port Huron Statement, the founding doc of Students for a Democratic Society? A speech you might find interesting: Carl Oglesby, Let Us Shape the Future, given at the second March on Washington against the war in Vietnam. I’m sure you can google it. For all the spare time you have now!.

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    1. Thank you hope you’re staying safe too!
      I am taking a 60’s course and I have read all of those except the Let Us Shape The Future speech which I will definitely be checking out! Thanks for the recommendations!

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  2. I hope you are able to stay safe and happy Pooja – i have 4 kids in different Universities, all cancelled – kind of a domino effect yesterday – it’s frustrating but I think it’s for the best – Take Care and enjoy some down time!

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  3. Stay safe, Pooja! And make sure to be taking care of those who can’t make it out to do their shopping now, because of the situation. There is a lot of overreaction which definetly won’t help. Yet it is a problem that we mustn’t ignore! Thank you for this life update, I enjoyed reading it.
    Enjoy your online classes! I’m sure it’ll be quite a different experience.
    Erin x

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    1. Thanks and stay safe too! I agree we also have to take care of the people who can’t take care of themselves. Also panicking doesn’t help we need to calm down and follow the guidelines.

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      1. Yeah absolutely the elderly and those with weak immune systems are the most vulnerable and need to be protected the most. I’m doing okay and hope you’re well too!

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      2. Agreed- it’s really helped bring so many people together. It’s a sad situation but it’s so great to see people going out and selflessly helping others.

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  4. “Safe” isn’t in my vocabulary, fortunately! But, I do see the logic in staying away from Corona. 😷
    It’s a great idea to meditate and stay positive; stress has a detrimental effect on the immune system. Best wishes!

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  5. I am trying to stay positive/mediate as well. Here in Houston,Texas everyone is going nuts and completely emptying out/buying everything from the grocery stores! It is insane! Is it the same way in Canada?

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  6. Sorry to hear it makes your schoolwork more difficult. Definitely take care of your mind like you’ve been doing! Forced isolation is going to be hard for a lot of people. It’s my MO, though. Lol

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  7. Stay safe and hope you’re doing well. Also , if it’s not too much , can you go through my blog once and give your thoughts on it? I’m new to this whole thing and would like someone’s honest feedback. Thanks and hope you have a good day!

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