Ways To Remain Calm

It can be difficult to stay calm with everything going on and it’s natural to be worried. But remaining calm and doing your best will be much more helpful to you and everyone around you and these techniques can help you to remain calm:
Yoga/meditation- Yoga and meditation can be very relaxing especially when you do it after waking up because it helps you throughout the day. Try taking some time- even if it’s fifteen minutes- to do some yoga and meditation at the beginning of the day. Over time you end up learning how to stay relaxed and calm in stressful situations which can be very helpful.
Breathing techniques- Breathing techniques can really help you stay calm and relaxed. Learning breathing techniques that work for you can really help you out.
Online meditation apps- It can be difficult for people to meditate on their own especially when they’re starting out and that’s totally okay. Since this isn’t the best time to go to meditation classes in person meditation apps can be a great substitute. To find  the perfect meditation app for you click here.
Surround yourself with positivity- Even though it’s not the easiest thing to be surrounded by positive news right now it can help to take a break from reading the news and read something positive for a while even if it’s just some positive quotes or a pictures of cute animals.
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64 thoughts on “Ways To Remain Calm

  1. Great advice!
    I’ll add “Train like a monster” to the list.
    INTENSE physical activity can help you blow off steam and as a byproduct help you remain calm, pair it with Yoga\meditation and you’ll become a freakin’ monk! 😀

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  2. Thank you so much for this post! I’m staying positive, and continuing with my yoga. The situation just hasn’t hit me yet, and there’s no point urging it to fall on me like a ton of bricks! Though everything’s so not normal, I still feel quite peaceful and I’m taking every day as it comes. Hope you’re safe!

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  3. It finally hit me yesterday when watching a music class what relaxation truly means and how to achieve it. Usually when I think I’m relaxed I’m really just slightly less stressed, haha! That feeling of obsessive self control and wanting to avoid embarrassment is still ever-present and that’s really counter-productive when you’re trying to write music (or create any art, I imagine). The only time I feel truly “out of control” (in a good way) is when I’m writing, so I’m trying to carry that feeling into other aspects of my life.
    Great tips as usual. I’m going to give meditation and yoga another try. I know I always say meditation didn’t work for me but maybe I’m in a better frame of mind now.

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    1. I totally get how you feel I used to have that a lot where I’m not actually calm just less stressed.
      Thanks and yeah I would definitely give them another go. They tend to work better over time.

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  4. Great tips Pooja. I really would to see more people trying out these skills, cos that what they are. Practice them often and they’ll help you quickly when you need them. This time is giving a great opportunity for people to try even one new thing. Caz x

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  5. I’ve actually been doing ok with this quarantine…
    I say that yet I was sad just a few days ago lol!!
    It’s okay to have those sad moments tho.. I guess.
    This is really helpful though, I’m trying to explain to my husband to not spread too much negative news to me lol or to his family.
    WE KNOW it’s crazy, you don’t gotta mention how many people are hurt cause.. we know. It’s just good to breathe sometimes and do YOUR best.
    So i like that point about surrounding yourself with positive vibezz hehe

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    1. I’m glad you’re doing okay and yes it’s totally normal to feel sad sometimes because it is a sad situation. I think the important thing is to remain positive. Staying away from negative news is actually a good idea- I’ve been doing that too.


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