How Anxiety Changes Your Life

As you guys know I have anxiety and recently I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Especially how it changes the little things in your life that you wouldn’t even think it would effect. So I decided to write a post about it and share my experiences with you guys. If you suffer from anxiety or any other mental health disorders feel free to write about your experiences in the comments below and about how it has changed your life.
It exhausts you- It can be very exhausting to constantly feel anxious and stressful all the time. Anxiety has a way of sipping the energy out of you. You may feel like you want to go out less, be around people less or you may not even want to do anything at all because everything makes you anxious.
You stop enjoying things- The things that you love stop bringing you joy and start to make you feel anxious over time. Sometimes it becomes easier to stop doing what you love then to try to get the energy to do them and work through the anxiety.
Your routine changes- As anxiety becomes a constant in your life you learn to live with it and change your routine the best you can so that you can live your life without letting anxiety get in your way too much.
The little things- What really annoyed me about anxiety and still kind of does is how it effects the little things in your life. Something as small as posting a picture online or replying to an email can become an anxiety inducing task and can become very frustrating.
There are a lot of ways in which anxiety changes your life apart from the ones I listed above as well. However, I want anyone reading this to know that having anxiety or a mental health disorder is not the end of the world. Over time you learn how to adjust and live your best life despite the disorder. If you are having trouble with your mental health and feel that you can’t deal with it on your own please seek medical help either in person or online if you can not currently get in person help. It can be extremely beneficial to talk to a professional.

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91 thoughts on “How Anxiety Changes Your Life

  1. Great post as always! I couldn’t agree any more with you. I too experienced all of these things. I lost focus and truly didn’t see that much of a purpose. Of course, my son came a long and sucked all those thoughts away!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think a lot of people feel that way because of anxiety and I guess that’s why it’s often accompanied by depression. I’m so glad your son was able to help you get better!!

  2. Thanks for the post
    .Anxity to me makes doing the enjoyable things hard and normal things impossible, I avoid places with large numbers of people, take different routes to places. One thing about this locdown i feel better as there are not many people around and the rational fear is bigger than the irrational one, I’m dreading what it will be like when the world gets back to so called normal.

    1. I actually totally understand what you mean and I sometimes feel the same way. It’s difficult when there are too many people around for me too.

  3. I have lived with anxiety and depression most of my life. Sadly I have been to counselors, therapists and the like. Most of mine is trauma related then add on the life’s lovely issues. I am currently on Zoloft and just recently Welbutrin. While they help of course you have to have outlets. Some of mine have gone by the wayside due to schedules but then some has also happened due to the anxiety/depression rearing its ugly head. Sometimes it is so frustrating because I will do good for a while and then something happens that I can’t pin point and before you know I get to have a conversation with my husband and mother in law telling me that I am sleeping to much, I am not eating right, and I am being mean again.

    1. Yeah I understand what you mean. I think medication and therapy can only help to an extent. Anxiety isn’t something that completely goes away and we just have to live with it the best we can.

    1. Thanks! And yes if you feel like you need help you should definitely see a professional. They can really help you get back on your feet.

      1. Thank you for sharing about your journey with anxiety. I have also suffered from anxiety and for many years it was my identity. I was so fearful and always dreading the next anxiety attack. I have always struggled with trust so it was hard for me to surrender all the broken parts of myself to God. I am so happy I did. Anxiety no longer gives me my identity …Jesus does. There is always hope so keep seeking, keep fighting!

  4. Anxiety is so pervasive. It stops you doing so much. One has to fight it in order to live and take advantage of opportunities.

  5. “You stop enjoying things- The things that you love stop bringing you joy and start to make you feel anxious over time. Sometimes it becomes easier to stop doing what you love then to try to get the energy to do them and work through the anxiety.”
    Oh my god, thank you! You’ve just perfectly described a problem I’ve been having for at least 2 years now, during this period of difficult mental health. Truly, truly, it robbed me of enjoyment of everything, at its worst! That was tough, tough. Now I can enjoy a lot of things compared to then, but still there are things I love to do that I’m avoiding. And it can be very hard to overcome the guilt of having not done those, when you know you should love them, and know the joy that they used to give you, even helping you with mental health difficulties.
    You’ve just given me more strength to forgive and move on, and keep trying with those things 🙂. 💙

    1. I’m so glad this post was able to do that and that’s why I wanted to share my experiences- so people know they aren’t alone. I think not enjoying things was one of the most difficult things for me too. But I’m glad that I’m better now and enjoying things again.

  6. Its good to see that people like you are transparent enough to talk about their mental illness. I personally have experienced panic and anxiety attacks. This blog makes me remind of those moments where I used to feel the same. But one thing I know for sure, the moment you decide that this needs to end it surely helps you alot in terms of mental peace!

    1. Thanks I like sharing my experience so that people know they aren’t alone. I’m glad you were able to get better and I agree once you decide to move on with your life and not let anxiety control you it’s very freeing.

  7. Anxiety is horrendous, I know, I’ve had GAD for at least 16 years. The best thing that you can do (and perhaps the hardest thing) is to try and simply ignore it, try and push past it and live your fullest life. There will be days when you feel like you can’t cope, but the more days you let the anxiety win, the more it will hold you back. Be gentle and forgiving on yourself, but don’t let the devil win you over. It’s a lot harder at the moment because we can’t go anywhere and being stuck inside will leave you home alone with your thoughts xx

    1. I totally agree. I don’t think it ever fully leaves you just have to live with it and learn to live your best life despite it.

  8. I find it easy to convince myself that ‘everything’s okay’ and that ‘everyone experiences these things’. Whether it’s true or not is completely different, but I just hate to complain.
    This post had been very helpful for a lot of people, so thank you Pooja! Stay safe, and I hope you are well. It may be hard in these uncertain times, but you are not alone.

    1. I do that too and sometimes it helps to say that to yourself even if it may not be true.
      Thank you so much and I hope you’re safe and well too.

  9. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s always comforting to realize you aren’t alone. I also suffer from GAD and realized having a support group that understands you makes it all the better.

  10. Thank you for sharing this post! Anxiety can negatively change many or even all aspects of your life, so it’s important that this issue is addressed.

  11. A lot of people really don’t know how tough it is to live with anxiety. I’d hate for them to have a panic attack – but then they might be a bit more understanding and aware of the impact!

  12. Anxiety can definitely make ordinary things difficult. I recall that a couple months ago you had a post about having to deal with anxiety caused by some very negative and unrealistic criticism you received about your blog. That sort of thing might upset anyone. But, I see you’re still turning out your usual vivacious posts, so you must’ve managed that anxiety well. Congrats! Give yourself credit.
    And I’ve read studies that said shinrin-yoku was helpful for anxiety (really!). Something for you to look forward to. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks! Things like that can be extremely triggering and comments like that do tend to worsen my anxiety but I have learned not to let it control me and do what I enjoy despite it.
      I look forward to shinrin-yoku hopefully sooner than later!

  13. Anxiety is one of the worst things the human face. the feeling that human could only experience but cant express. Kudos for throwing light on this.

  14. After reading this post, I can say one thing: anxiety sucks! Even though I think being a hothead is bad, I feel that anxiety is a big buzz killer. Hope you’re doing ok, and just stay strong.

  15. anxiety takes over your life , i find i dont even feel like me any more its like im someone else. i used to be fun and outgoing now i tend to hermit and avoid life. The only thing that really keeps me going is the children and the hope that one day i will feel better. Thanks for sharing suffering with meta illness can make you feel so alone.

  16. I went through this a lot especially when I had panic attacks. I would be so drained. I would have to take a brain break after work to help me calm down. I have a weighted blanket. That thing is literally a God send for my sleeping habits and calming down. It’s so soft and comforting. I definitely recommend purchasing one.

  17. Could connect to a lot of things. And what i think is that Anxiety of any form is anxiety all the same. Some people often tend to shame or lower one’s feelings of anxiety or frustration. Bcz they believe that the problems or issues the other person is feeling is inferior to what they’ve been through. In those cases i think the other person should rather show support than shaming or putting down the one at distress. Really nice work. Keep writing more of such awesome content!

    1. I totally agree being supportive is very important for people suffering from anxiety. Just because you don’t understand their feelings doesn’t mean they don’t matter.
      Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  18. Great post, Has touched on exactly how I feel at the moment.
    It’s an anxious time for all. What has helped me greatly in this time of Global lockdown is not watching the news, plus keeping off certain social media. FACEBOOK is by far, the worse.
    There is so much uncertainty around, and for some reason, people feel the need to post their narrative. What they think is going on. Hello, without hard facts, all your doing by spreading conspiracies is adding more fear to the mix.
    Hope yourself and family are safe and healthy at this time. 🙂

  19. Yes I understand this very much. I too suffer from anxiety. And the part about posting picture and it being exhausting and then you start questioning everything , then suffering from Negative thoughts all the time, it truly is exhausting. I found that if I apply the words of the Bible “having insight of a man certainly slows down his anger.” I find that to be true about anxiety as well. When I sit and think logically about what I’m anxious about I can sometimes talk it out and be able to conquer that moment. But it really is a moment by moment second by second triumph. Stay safe and take care

    1. I’m sorry you go through that too but slowly over time I think we can get better or at least learn to have better control of our anxiety. Stay safe too and thanks for the comment!

  20. Thank you for sharing what you’re going through. Anxiety is something that we all deal with to a degree. What helps me to remain calm is praying. Jehovah God cares. And he is aware of everything that we are going through. Stay safe and healthy!
    Jeremiah 29:11-For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you, declares Jehovah. Thoughts of peace and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope.
    1 Peter 5:7-While you throw all your anxiety on him,(Jehovah God)because he cares for you.
    Psalms 83:18- May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.

  21. I love your post and the way you write. Anxiety is such a struggle in so many lives. My depression and anxiety was brought on by tragedy 10 years ago when I lost my parents to murder suicide (also found them along with my 7 year old daughter). I have over come it for the most part but it is a struggle everyday. I would love for you to read and follow my blog on depression as well as my video testimony. I am a brand new blogger so I hope to reach and help others like us. Your writing was really wonderful. Always here if you need to chat. God Bless

    1. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I can not even imagine what you must have gone through. I’ll be sure to read your blog and watch the video.

  22. Thank you for writing this post – I can definitely relate. It’s exhausting to constantly be in your head overthinking everything and have the physical symptoms of anxiety more often than not. I find myself focusing too much on how annoying it is and why I have become this way and how I just want it to stop… rather than using relaxation techniques. It’s a learning process, but when I find something that really clicks and forces me to live in the present moment it feels AMAZING! For me, yoga works really well and sometimes makes me emotional because my body is remembering what it’s like to feel relaxed and it feels a whole lot better than being tense all the time. Have you tried yoga? What’s your go-to for slowing down your anxiety?

    1. Yeah yoga is definitely a life saver and meditation really helps me too. It’s definitely a struggle living with anxiety but we learn over time.

  23. Oh my God!!!
    These pointers are exactly what I feel when I get the bouts of anxiety
    And I thought I was the only one who behaves like this

  24. So true. The toughest thing is to make other person understand, the ones who have no idea about mental health. I get anxiety when I have to talk on the phone and most of my friends they don’t call me but some of them give me continuous call until I pick it up. But then I would be sweating but just can’t pick it up.
    How do we deal with the fear of talking to people.

    1. Yes call anxiety is the worst! I have that problem a lot too. I always avoid calls as much as possible. I usually just mentally prepare myself before I talk to people.

  25. Hi, Thanks for your post. I’ve found an Android app that’s really helpful. I’ve not been paid or received any benefits in kind for posting this by the way. Best wishes, John.

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