Why Your Blog Is Not Growing

If you’re blog is growing at a slower rate than before or has stopped growing completely you don’t need to freak out just yet! It is most likely something quite simple that you can fix. Here are some reasons why your blog might have stopped growing and how to fix it:

Spamming- If you’ve been spamming other bloggers it is likely they are not going to be visiting your blog, following your blog and some of them may even block your blog. Instead of spamming people with posts or comments try to make genuine connections with people. This will work a lot better and you’ll end up making connections with new people which in my opinion is the best part of WordPress. If you’re not sure what spamming is click here.

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You aren’t consistently active- If you aren’t consistent with blogging a lot of your followers may not know when your posts are published and whether or not you’re still actively blogging. Try blogging consistently for better growth or if you aren’t able to post regularly try writing in bulk and then scheduling them so they are published consistently. For more on how to schedule your posts click here.

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Tags- I always say this but the tags are just so important for your blog. They can really make or break your blog. Your blog may not be growing because you are not using your tags feature properly or not using it at all which is a mistake that a lot of bloggers, myself included, make especially when they are starting out. For more on how to use tags to grow your blog click here.

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The comments section- If you don’t actively comment on others posts and reply to the comments you receive on your blog posts the audience may feel ignored. Like I said earlier socialising is a big part of blogging and people really appreciate it when you take the time to reply to them and pay their blog a visit. For more on the importance of comments click here. For more on how to get more comments on your blog click here.Socializing GIFs | Tenor

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161 thoughts on “Why Your Blog Is Not Growing

  1. Thank you, I am just starting out for the third time! I get so disappointed when it seems no one is reading. And analytics don’t help, I need to learn not to look. Anyway it looks like you cover some great topics so I did follow you. I’m generally leery about that but what you said about it does make sense. Anyway, thanks!

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    1. Thanks for the follow! I totally understand how that can be disappointing but it takes a long time to grow your audience even if you are doing everything right. You just need to hang in there and keep blogging and your audience will grow over time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great post! I new-ish to blogging and this post was helpful. I had no idea what spamming was—that God I wasn’t doing that! Sounds a little obnoxious to me! I really like the advice about tagging, too. I get so confused by the difference b/t tagging and categories. I think I’m getting the hang of it though! Good stuff!

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    1. I’m glad you found it helpful!
      Yeah spamming is the worst- and definitely obnoxious. The thing with tagging/categories is to use as broad tags and categories as possible.

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