Awesome Blogger Award

Awesome Blogger Award

I want to thank Kate for nominating me for the Awesome Blogger Award and I’m sorry it took forever to publish it! She has an amazing multi-niche blog which has a number of posts on a number of topics ranging from travel to food to motivational quotes to fitness and so many more. Check out her blog by clicking here.

My Questions For The Awesome Blogger Award:

What was the trigger that determined you to start blogging?

I was going through a pretty rough time in my life and was looking for an outlet for my feelings and for my writing so a friend suggested that I start blogging which I did.

What is your favorite brand of coffee/tea? Share with examples.

I like the Vanilla Latte at Starbucks- does that count?

Sipping Coffee GIFs Awesome Blogger Award

What is the most amazing book you ever read?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Do you like exercising? If yes, what are you favorite exercises?

I really like yoga because it’s technically exercise but also super chill.

Exercise GIF

What is the most beautiful memory you can think of?

Just being young and watching cartoons with my parents.

Name a place you would like to visit.

I would love to visit Europe some day. 

Do you have a crush?

Yes, I have multiple but I’m afraid they’re all on fictitious characters in books…

Mr darcy Jane austen GIF - Mrdarcy Darcy Janeausten

Do you think it’s important to spend money on video games?

No absolutely not. 

What are your 3 life rules?

  1. Always be empathetic and kind towards all living beings. 
  2. Always keep an open mind even when you don’t necessarily agree with someone- everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  3. Never let anyone take advantage of your kindness. 

Name the craziest thing that you have done in this life.

I guess it’s move to Canada. I mean I’ve done some other stuff too but I’m not going to discuss that on here lol. 

You Crazy GIFs Awesome Blogger Award

My Nominees

If you’re reading this post and feel as though this may be something you want to participate in please consider yourself nominated and use the same questions I did- I would love to read your take on them!

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49 responses to “Awesome Blogger Award”

  1. Thank you for accepting the award!
    I really love the answers, and I did found myself in several of your answers.
    Thank you! 😍🤗

    1. Thank you again and I’m glad you enjoyed the answers!!

  2. Congratulations!!

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  4. Awesome, congratulations on the award!!

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  5. Congrats Pooja

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  6. Congratulations and wonderful answers

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      1. You’re welcome

  7. Congrats on your nomination ey!!!

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  8. Congrats and if I ever take part my answer to Q1 is exactly the same as yours. How cool is that?
    “I was going through a pretty rough time in my life and was looking for an outlet for my feelings and for my writing so a friend suggested that I start blogging which I did.”
    Just so I know, did it help? I’m still in the “rough phase” right now and trying as hard as possible to write the situation.

    1. Thank you! I think blogging is such a great outlet for people going through a rough time. I’m sorry you are still going through that but I’m sure it’ll get better.

  9. Congrats!!💐💐

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  13. I would love to go back and see more of Europe.

    1. It seems like a lovely place!

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  15. Congratulations. Loved your answers.

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    U deserve it

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  19. Congrats on this award! And ugh Colin Firth as Darcy tho 😍

    1. Thank you! Colin Firth was honestly the best Mr. Darcy!

  20. Congratulations!!! Great answers ☺️

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  21. Congratulations on your award nomination and remain safe.

    1. Thanks and you too!

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