Six Word Story #60

I wish I had been there.


This is another one by my dad! He thinks it’s about someone who wishes they could have been there to support someone but my mum thinks it’s more like FOMO. Let me know which one you think it is in the comments below!


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47 thoughts on “Six Word Story #60

  1. Why do these six words resonate with my regrets of possible outcomes that did not manifest because of not pursuing things? This spoke to me, I love this ❤️

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  2. This resonated with me. Just a few months ago something happened with my loved one that is living overseas and I wished I had been there to comfort him and support him. At first, I got jealous of the people who can be there for him physically and comfort him. However, I’ve become grateful because a lot of people are there for him, guiding him ❤️

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    1. I think my parents feel similarly because I live in a different country and they aren’t able to be there for me physically. I’m glad your son is not alone.


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