Hopsmeister Beer Review (Collaboration)

Hi there! I run our Instagram beer blog with my partner Ayden and have been doing so for just under 2 months. ‘Hopsmeister’ is our love child and has kept us both occupied during these uncertain times.
We review a range of beers from all over the globe, including quite a few Belgium’s. We like to keep the review fairly brief and always end with some one-liners which hopefully offer our final thoughts.
Below are some examples and recommendations which we’ve taken from our previous reviews. However, thanks to Pooja’s platform we are lucky enough to share these with other craft beer lovers, so if you’d like to read more then please check out our blog – https://wordpress.com/view/hopsmeister.wordpress.com or Instagram: hopsmeister
A&A 🍻

For those with fruitier taste buds

Bacchus Framboise
ABV – 5% Country – Belgium  B E Brewer – Brouweij Type – Fruit beer/raspberry beer
Characteristic of Bacchus beers, this beer can be easily distinguished by its beautiful hand-
wrapped cover.
What makes this beer a staple within its category is that the raspberry flavour is authentic. Raspberries are added to the beer before it’s next maturation stage, allowing the aromas to blossom into a palatable liquid dessert.
You can immediately smell the contrast of sharpness and sweetness as the raspberry notes dominate the scent. Its balance is noticed upon tasting and is almost wine-like in aftertaste.
We both enjoyed the fizz and how moreish it was – we’ll definitely be buying more!

Missed a trick – controversial?

La Trappe Witte
ABV – 8.4% Country – Belgium  B E Brewer – Trappist Koningshoeven Type – Wheat beer
“When they live by the labor of their hands…. then they are really monks” – was written by Benedict, the “architect” of Western monasticism and was how in 1884 monk brewing beer came to be.
La Trappe Witte is the world’s first and only white Trappist ale. This un-filtered wheat beer is brewed using only water, wheat, and hops. Its light in taste and smell, there’s also a prominent bready/wheatiness scent which dominates the nose. Other aromas included peppercorn and notes of clove which gave this wheat beer a spicy fragrance.
The beer lacks bitterness which could be quite pleasant depending on the occasion but we both thought overall it made the taste grainy and incredibly light. You would want this on hot summers day or if you were planning to drink all night and needed a lighter beverage.
Although light, its peppery and spicy character gave this wheat beer slightly more depth- but of all the Trappist beers the wheat didn’t quite suffice. Only half of us enjoyed this one.

Hits the spot

Our weekend away in Canterbury, Kent (Food + Drink Reviews)

To Drink @The Foundry
ABV – 9.6%  Country – England  Brewer – Canterbury Brewers  Type – Imperial Porter
This weekend the hopsmeister’s had date night in Canterbury!
We were lucky enough to visit @foundrybrewpub – a unique craft brewery, distillery & bar in the heart of Canterbury City Centre. In the next few days, we’ll be reviewing a few of the different beers we tasted, of which one of our stand-out favourites – was the Itzamna imperial porter. ‘Itzamnἀ’ was actually one of the most important gods in Mayan mythology and introduced the Mayans to cacao.
On the nose, the lovely chocolatey, coco nibs come through, giving it a delightful sweet and bitter scent. We enjoyed the depth of flavours which were even more appreciated upon tasting.
The coco and vanilla pods were equal partners both of which complemented the other and were a vital partnership in the creation of such a delicious beer.
It was as if dark chocolate had been melted and fermented to pour a fine porter.
Very worthy of its award-winning status! 👌🏽

To Eat @A La Turka Northgate

Later in the evening, we had dinner at a lovely Turkish restaurant based within Canterbury City Centre – A La Turka, Northgate. If you do travel to Canterbury, Kent and enjoy Mediterranean food, particularly Turkish, we would highly recommend this chain.
On arrival, we were super impressed with the outside area and loved the open plan seating area (picture below) which had lots of beautiful rugs and mirrors on the wall making it feel very atmospheric.
For starters, we ordered a round of traditional hummus and pitta, which came with a delicious Turkish salad. For mains, we shared the lamb kofte and chicken shish with a side of halloumi…. everything was incredibly delicious, and the lamb was so soft and not at all chewy. As for the chicken shish, it was THE best chicken shish we’ve ever had and will be back for more I’m sure the next time we fancy another visit.
The staff were very hospitable and attentive – making our visit even more enjoyable.Great service, great food and great Turkish beer!

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  1. This is really good. Also please check the link to your blog. I can’t seem to get directed to it.

  2. Not bad at all.
    If you can get around to it, I highly recommend BeerLao. It’s Laos’ national brand of beer and no one knows of it because it’s from a small Southeast Asian country. Out of all the beer I have tasted, this is my favorite.

  3. I’m not a beer drinker at all cos I’ve never found one I liked. However, that fruit beer sounds interesting and might give it a go one hot and sunny day. Sounds like a thirst-quenching beer.

    1. Also I think you left a reply to an old comment yesterday but I can’t see the comment anymore for some reason. Do you mind leaving a link to the post?

  4. I love the recommendations and honest review! I’m a lover of framboise in general, but have yet to try the one from Bacchus. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it!

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