imPRESS Nails Review

imPRESS Nails

If you know me you probably know that my nails are a very important part of my life. I love my nails- they always used to be long and manicured. However, with everything going on at the moment I haven’t been able to get manicures and I also have not been keeping them long because I have to wash my hands much more frequently now which makes the nails weaker and break easily. I don’t like seeing my fingers without long nails and I also wanted to pamper myself one last time before school starts so I decided to do some research and found imPRESS nails. What drew me to them to begin with was that they were very easy to use- it’s literally just three steps which I will talk about in more detail below.

How I Picked The Nails

I decided to try out five boxes- they each contain 30 regular nails and 12/6 accents. I tried to pick different sizes because as you may or may not be able to tell from the pictures I have pretty small hands and nails and I was not sure what would fit me. I also tried to pick some simpler designs that you could wear on a daily basis and some more fancy ones that you could wear on occasions.
To pick the nails all you have to do is go to their site, go to shop all, pick whichever ones you like and add them to your cart. Once you have picked the nails you can checkout and add your information.  The ones I picked were “imPRESS Press-on Manicure Couture Collection, Supreme, Almond Shape“, “imPRESS Press-on Manicure Couture Collection, Lavish,Short Length“, “Rebecca Minkoff X imPRESS Press-on Manicure, Ibiza Nights“, “imPRESS Press-on Manicure, Medium Nails, He’s With Me”, “imPRESS Petite Nails, My Smile is Beamin.” The site was quite easy to navigate and selecting and checking out the items was also quite simple to do. All the nails were between $7.99-$10.99.

How To

I wanted to share the process of how I put on the nails. It was honestly so simple I was kind of amazed.

Step 1

This one is a bit obvious. You open up the box and take out everything. Since the box comes with thirty nails you can pick out the ten that you want to use and put the rest back.

Step 2

Wash your hands and make sure they are clean as the oils/dirt on your fingers may touch the glue. The box will contain a prep pad- use this to wipe your real nails properly and prepare them for the imPRESS nails. I thought the prep pad was really cool because right now we really need to be extra careful and hygienic. Plus, it helps the nails stay on much longer since the glue doesn’t wear off.

Step 3

Take of the see through covering at the bottom of the nail and press them on to your real nails. Make sure to press it on properly under your cuticles. Press them very firmly for a few seconds till you are sure the glue has stuck to your nail. Repeat this for all the nails.


  • Press the nails firmly on the both sides and the center so that they don’t come lose.
  • File your real nails before applying these.
  • Put them on slowly and precisely so you don’t have to keep adjusting them as this wears off the glue.

My Final Thoughts On The Nails

I looked through the site and went through all the nails they offer and I was pretty impressed (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist the pun!) by the designs they offered. I really liked that they had a large variety of designs. If you’re a professional or maybe you just don’t like having really fancy/loud nails they had a lot of more simple designs that would be perfect for everyday wear. On the other hand, if you’re like me and like to keep it simple with just a dash of extra they also had designs that were not too fancy but not completely simple either. And for special occasions when you want your nails to stand out they also had some really beautiful and quite fancy nails.

I particularly liked the two that I got in black because I think those would be perfect with a LBD or a long skirt/dress. I also liked that they had press on toe nails too so your feet don’t feel left out- I mean if you’re going to make your finger nails look pretty you may as well make your toe nails look cute too. Especially in summer when most people wear footwear that show your toes.

I think they also had a good variety of colours. They had some simple colours, some that were a bit simple and a bit loud and some that were really bright and beautiful which would be perfect for summer/spring. They also had French tips which took me back because I my mum/sister used to do my nails for me when I was young and I would always want to do French tips because I saw older women in movies with nails like that and I wanted to look all elegant like them. I really appreciate that they had nails in petite, medium and large that were actually petite, medium and large.

As someone with tiny nails/hands I find it extremely difficult to find stuff in my size- not just nails but rings, bracelets and pretty much everything. These, however, fit perfectly due to the size and the gel-like consistency which made them flexible/bendy so they kind of take the shape of your real nails perfectly. The nails were all not too long which is perfect for me but if you are looking for those super extra really long nails you may not get those here at the moment but fingers crossed they will have them soon! I also would want more of the bright coloured ones- they definitely had quite a few but I would love it if they had more like neon colours or just very bright colours with nail art on them.

They also offer both almond and square shaped tips which is cool! I always have almond ones for some reason- maybe I just love almonds too much lol- but I am excited to try the square ones too because my sister always has those and I feel like they look super cute.

I have tried using press on nails before but they came with a glue and it was quite a mess process. I think the fact that you have to stick these on and that there are not a lot of steps to putting them on makes them the best press on nails I’ve ever tried. They are super easy to put on- it literally took me about six minutes. If you are someone who loves long nails/press on nails but are trying to avoid the fuss I would definitely recommend these.

I thought these nails were very affordable compared to getting acrylic nails put on in a salon and I thought these were also a great alternative if you are trying to avoid going to salon’s at the moment or if there are no nail places open in your area. The prices were very affordable for the amount of nails you got and quality of the product you receive.

As for the glue- now this is what I was most worried about. As you guys know I love to cook, I type for like two hours a day, I clean with my hands etc. Basically, my life revolves around using my hands and I was scared that these would fall off in like a day. That was my biggest fear. Surprisingly, the glue is very strong. I have had them on for almost a week now and they haven’t budged. They have even moved a little which to me makes the products definitely worth it.

When I looked through their site I realised that they also have holographic nails which I am obsessed with right now. I didn’t want to get them with this batch because I didn’t know whether I would like the product or not but now that I know that I love the nails I want to try the 3D Nails Curious Mind  and Rebecca Minkoff X imPRESS Press-on Manicure Blue Haze- the shade of blue for these nails is just breathtaking.
If you are interested in checking out these nails for yourself you can check out their website by clicking here.

Are you a nails person? What is your go-to when it comes to nails- are you extra or do you like to keep it simple? Have you ever tried press on nails? Do you regularly wear press on nails? Have you ever tried imPRESS press on’s? Do you want to see more reviews of products I use? Do you want to see more infographics on my posts? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts!

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69 thoughts on “imPRESS Nails Review

  1. I’ve been thinking of trying these out! but my biggest pet peeve from when I had acrylic nails was when my hair would get stuck in the glue and between my nails and the acrylic nail. Yours look so pretty though!

    1. Omg I hate it when that happens but if you put these under your cuticles they don’t do that to your hair which is awesome! Thank you so much!

  2. They look pretty! And I totally understand about not being able to keep long nails nowadays. Cleaning and working for almost everyday for so many hours has really been so harsh on my nails. I have cut them short, so it won’t hurt me much 😄❤️

  3. My nails aren’t short so I haven’t tried out any stuff. A manicure is all I treat them to. But nowadays, going to the salon is out of question. So I take matters into my own hands. But I was surprised to know that this was so simple. I hope your fingers are healed.

    1. They are almost completely healed thank you! Yeah I’ve always had long nails of my own but now that I obviously can’t get them done at the moment I loved this alternative. It really is that simple which is crazy!

  4. When I went to the states in January I discovered the wonderful world of Impress nails! I love them so much and was so happy when I found out they sell them here in the UK. Me and press on nails don’t get on though, I tend to use nail glue instead! They are so much cheaper and easier to take care of than getting your nails done every few weeks!

    1. Yes they are so much more affordable and they are so much easier because you can even put them on at home on your home. It saves a lot of time and money for sure!

  5. I used to use a brand of press on nails when I began to come out more and more in the feminine world (i am transgender). I wouldn’t leave home without them. Now though, for some reason my nails really started to grow and I don’t need press on’s anymore. My next step though, is figuring how to have the styled. Thanks for the post. It brought back fond memories.

    1. I’m so glad this reminded you of those memories! If you ever do a post on how you’re maintaining your nails now I would love to read it!

  6. I bought these for a wedding I was going to be in (not quite willing to get to a salon before the event, as I was pressed for time AND money) and they worked out wonderfully!

  7. These nails are all so cute. I’m glad the process was so easy – I received some free imPRESS nails in an event goodie bag but never tried them before. Def need to!

  8. I love imPRESS nails. I generally keep acrylic nails so I was pretty devastated having to soak them off and try to do my own nails. My nails were brittle and chipped badly so I used this brand to cover them until my real nails got stronger. Best decision ever!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am such a biter too so I need nail polish/fake nails to stop myself because apparently I have zero self control lol!

        1. Lolll the only reason I don’t bite them when I have nail polish on is cos I use that these vegan polishes that look great but taste SO BAD!!

  9. I really am a nail person but I can’t really do my nails kinda stuff so yeahh, but I really like seeing those beautiful designs, they’re so good!!!!

  10. I actually have been wanting to try this because I’ve been wondering about my nails. I bought a different kind once before but I didn’t like those.

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