An Update- Kind Of

If you haven’t read yesterdays post I would recommend you do so before reading this one. You can read it by clicking here.
So, I want to start out by saying THANK YOU! You guys are absolutely amazing and I truly appreciate everyone’s support on my last post. I am always so touched by how caring and supportive this community is and that’s why it’s so difficult for me to consider leaving it. You guys have become like family to me and I truly appreciate every comment you guys leave.

WP’s Response

I decided to share the emails with you guys so that you can see for yourselves just how irritating this situation is. When I initially told them about my issue this is the email I received yesterday telling me I had been blocked.

I felt like they were incredibly passive-aggressive about the situation and just started blaming me off the bat without even finding out all the details of the situation. They didn’t even do their research well because they clearly got the number of blogs I follow wrong- by literally thousands…

I tried to politely let them know that they had made a mistake and even sent them a screenshot as proof showing the actual number of blogs I follow which can be found in your wp-admin dashboard.

They completely ignored the fact that they made a mistake, did not even address the issues and pretty much told me to leave and move to a self-hosted site. Except, from my research I have learnt that if they wanted to they could unblock me- they have done so for other people. They just don’t want to. At least they offered to refund me my money for the plan.

My guess is that their site has serious glitches- all my comments were showing up as read on my notifications for a while which I’m guessing is them reading the comments. My Ads revenue went away for a few days and then came back. My traffic page has been glitching for a while now. And it’s not just me- multiple people have been effected.

I read a post online by a woman who didn’t use WP for MONTHS and came back to find she had been blocked from following accounts. How is that even possible when she did not use her account for months. Clearly, their algorithm does not know the difference between spam/bots and actual interaction/blogs. And instead of fixing this they blame the victims for being too interactive which is so weird because blogging is supposed to be an interactive hobby. The interaction is the best part for me.

Also how am I being accused of self-promoting on other blogs when I have literally never commented trying to promote my own blog. I always try to leave comments about the post and only ever leave a link if I feel like the post would help the reader/I have nominated them for something. And that is as RARE as Selena Gomez’s makeup line (can you tell I’ve been binge watching makeup videos online?).

I mean how do you accuse someone of stuff like that without even reading the comments they have left or the posts they have written. Especially when all these comments are sitting in my spam folder- how come they aren’t being blocked?

And let’s be honest- a permanent block is so excessively mean- I mean most social platforms have blocks but it’s usually for an hour/day/month. Permanent blocks with no prior warning is just so awful for people like me who are blocked due to errors on their part.

What Now?

I am considering moving to a self-hosted site but it will be a lot of work so I’m going to wait till I have my mid term break. Till then I guess I will keep blogging as I usually do and not like/follow anything. I will continue to leave comments on your blogs and support you guys as much as I can.
I will write in more detail about moving to a self-hosted site once I do more research because I know some of you may be interested in moving to self-hosted as well.

Some Disturbing Things You Should Know About

  1. They Own All Your Content

No, not some of your content. Not most of your content. They own ALL your content and can apparently do exactly what they want with it whether you like it or not. I found this very concerning because as creators don’t we have any rights to our own content that WE created.
2. They Can Terminate Your Site
They can terminate your site whenever they want without even giving you an explanation. If that’s not super scary I don’t know what is. Can you imagine all your hard work being deleted and never seeing it again? Even if you decide not to move to a self-hosted site I would recommend backing up all your posts so that if your site does get deleted by mistake at least you will still have your posts.
I hope this information helps because I did not know about this before and it’s actually very scary to think that they have this much power over you. I also want to warn other bloggers- be careful with liking/following/commenting. I think recently there has been a lot of spam/bots on WP and they are handling it horribly and I would hate to see what happened to me happen to anyone else. Also please back up all your posts and media- I would hate to see someone lose everything over a mistake on WP’s part.
Also if my blog disappears they’ve probably terminated me for writing this post…


For those of you who already have self-hosted sites could you please tell me more about it in the comments. What host are you using? Would you recommend it? What problems have you run into if any? Did moving to self-hosted effect your traffic and follow in anyway? How would you recommend making the move? Are you up for hire to move my site for me? Thanks I really appreciate any information I can get although I got quite a bit of information on the last post which I truly appreciate!

Random Announcement

This may be the weirdest time and most random post to announce this on but after years of hating on social media I have finally started a Facebook page lol! I won’t be super active on it but I will reply to messages and post updates about my blog so if you are interested feel free to head over and follow the page and friend my profile (that’s how FB works right? I’m not too sure to be honest…) Either way thank you in advance for stopping by and supporting it!

To sum everything up- yes lifesfinewhine will go back to normal posts starting tomorrow and eventually I will move to a self-hosted site. Again thank you for the continued support- you guys are the absolute best!

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173 thoughts on “An Update- Kind Of

  1. Thanks for the update! I’m sorry they have raked you over the coals like that and good luck with your own independent site! I might do self-hosted eventually because I don’t want them owning the rights to my content and eventually, my book

  2. I would like to know more about self-hosting as well!! It’s been on my mind since I read WordPress terms and agreement

      1. Thanks! Even though I am jsut starting out, I don;t want to get really established and then have to make a move. I know it would be difficult.

        1. Yeah I wish I had moved earlier too because now I have so many posts, pages and media to move which is going to be more complicated and it will take forever to export everything.

  3. How does the self-hosting site works? I’m posting chapters of my story, and I don’t want anyone owning rights to them

    1. I would highly recommend not posting stuff you may wish to publish in the future as you may have trouble since WordPress technically owns those chapters. I don’t know a lot about self-hosting yet but I will be writing more on it once I do some research. What I do know is that it is significantly cheaper, you own all the content and you have control over your own blog and can customize it as you wish to. Plus, you get plugins.

      1. Thanks for the advice and for this post actually. I’ll also do more research in my part because this has been an eye-opener. I hope things will work out soon!!

    2. I’d like to know more about self-hosting sites as well, and if there are any free ones, since I also was going to post chapters on here (already posted a couple) but I guess won’t do that in the future…. (I had originally considered posting on Blogger, but that’s a Google service…… If anyone knows if Google has a similar policy about content ownership as WP, please let me know – if they don’t, then I’ll move my blog there or create a Google Site……)
      Thank you for sharing!! Good luck

      1. I will definitely share more information about self-hosting soon. I would also not recommend Blogger- I had a blog on there and it was just the absolute worst.

  4. Have read both your posts. Thisis truely idiotic on WP part. How can they be so irresponsible !!!
    Anyways, I think moving to self hosted site is good decision and the fb page too 😋 ( with self hosted site you will see the use of it).
    Take your time and get a rocking site. Don’t worry about traffic there. Well, as far a i understand(not an expert) it will surely affect the followers and traffic initially but in time you will get thr due. I and Many from WP would definitely going to go to your independent site. And then you got fb in place too.
    Thanks for updates. I am new here but going to careful now onwards.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you and yeah I think self-hosted is best for me for now. Thanks again and yes please be very careful as their blocks are permanent!

  5. Welcome back Pooja. I am planning to move my website into a self-hosted site as well. Even though I have a small traffic but I guess it would be better to have a self hosted plan! I think what you went through is horrible, after reading yesterday’s post, i kept thinking about how messed up everything became suddenly. But! I know everything will be fine. I am here to help (if i can be any 😂😂😂).

    1. It’s definitely way easier to move when your site is still small because moving a bigger site takes forever because you need to export everything. Thank you!!

  6. YOU are our “heros” at word press here and if you are having issues being so up and up, it concerms me. Thanks for your candid response and sharing this with everyone here. I don’t know enought to really get it but would love to have your respons in an email so I can digest it and share. This is sad for them to loose such and amazing and loyal blogger like yourself.
    hugs, ❤️ Cindy

    1. Aww thank you and yes please email me if you have any questions! I hate to leave but I think self-hosting is the best option for me right now- that way I own my content, have total control over my blog and it’s much cheaper.

    1. I genuinely have no idea. I am guessing you have to back it to some other platform but I am not too sure. I will do some more research and get back to you.

    1. Not just owning it but they can also use it as they please or terminate you completely. That’s so messed up and completely unethical.

  7. Yay! ☺️
    I have been self hosted since February. I am using Bluehost right now, I don’t really recommend it though, I am planning to move over to WPXhosting hopefully soon…it’s supposed to have really fast load times, and they do the move and tech stuff for you.
    I had to learn and move to Bluehost by myself, they don’t do anything for you, it was a pain, and I ended up having to reupload all my blog posts manually because I messed something up, and I’m still not really sure if my subscribers I had back at WordPress carried over.

    1. Hii, I’m also thinking to move my WP site to a self-hosted blog. Can you tell me what happened to your followers and blog stats after moving to a self-hosted site? Please help me.

      1. My blog stats were gone, I had to start all over, like a brand new site, seems like some of my followers carried over, but not all of them. I’m not sure how that happened. I would move to a host that does all of the technical work for you. I learned my lesson on that for sure. Like I mentioned look in to WPXhosting.

        1. Thanks for your feedback but I’m not sure that I should move my site or not. I’m afraid of loosing my followers and stats. My site is growing well so I think I’ll try to move my site only when there will no other way. By the way thanks for kind information.

          1. You’re welcome! I totally understand that. If you go with a company that does the move for you, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing anything. Definitely research it a lot before you decide.

    2. Thanks so much for that information you have no idea how helpful that is because I was actually thinking of going with Bluehost but I definitely don’t want to do everything myself. I’ll check out WPXhosting and see what that’s like. I would prefer if they do the tech stuff for me. Thanks again!

      1. You’re welcome! Yeah, I think a lot of people go for them because they are a well-known name, and a lot of bloggers push their Bluehost Affiliate link, but if you do a Google search there are a lot of bloggers who switch to another company in the end.

  8. Okay now this crazy, owning the content! Thanks for sharing tho, I was thinking of posting chapters from the book I’m trying to write (sort of) but now I’m concerned about even posting my short stories and all

  9. Wow! This is actually crazy, because I believe as a body they should be able to rectify this. I hope everything comes out well in the end.❤

  10. Hi Pooja,
    Sorry to read about your troubles with WP support. You’d think they would want a blog as successful as yours to generate all that activity. A comment on the ownership issue: I’m pretty sure you still own your content, specifically the copyright to your work. The Terms of Use even says “You own all content you post to your website.” (para 7(a)) It’s true you do grant them a “non-exclusive” license to do a bunch of stuff with your content, but you retain the right to post it elsewhere, publish it as a book, etc. If this is a real concern for you, you should consult a lawyer (which I am not). Hope this helps.

  11. PoojaG. I keep a duplicate site, separate domain, on Interserver for the very reasons you outlined. It gives me control in case one fails, becomes too unwieldy, or values their algorithms over the customer. Interserver is reasonably priced, and their support is prompt and personal. WordPress is easier to navigate when setting up, but I can probably attribute that to my own lack of expertise. Stay strong.

  12. This is really frustrating and concerning at the same time! Owning all the content? That’s a worry. I used to blog in high school in Blogger but I switched from there because WP seemed like a good option, but now that I see this… I am really concerned.
    You are an amazing blogger. I hope you figure it out. Meanwhile, hope you keep in touch. I’d be following your articles anywhere.

  13. I’m so sorry that you’re being put through this, it must be so frustrating. I really appreciate you trying as best you can to interact with your followers, and it’s awful that doing something kind like that is causing problems. I’ll continue to follow you wherever your blog moves, and I hope things work out!

  14. I really do hope it all works out for you – what with exams and blogging – it can get too much!
    Keep us in the loop and we’ll be sure to visit your self hosted site…

  15. What a mess!! Thanks for bringing to light all the issues with WP. I had no idea.
    Hang in there. 😔
    Hope you’re able to move to a self hosted site soon. 🤗

  16. Thanks the information about WP,
    I guess I still have a lot to learn about them. Yea, I need more info of self hosted blog. It dos and don’t. Well, everything will be fine.
    This can be frustrating sometimes

    1. Thank you and yes I will definitely keep everyone posted on my journey in case anyone is considering moving as well which I would definitely recommend.

  17. Thanks for the update —I was worried. I am so sorry Pooja —Wordpress seems like a nightmare, you have handled it so well.
    I hope you find a great self-host site where you can follow/like and do what the hell you want to do. Sending you some virtual hugs 🤗 xxx
    (These people seem so dumb about this whole situation, I can’t even)

  18. Pooja I had the same problem even with less than 2000 Followers 😌
    Maybe I too should start looking at a self hosted site
    All the best to you.

  19. This is infuriating to read as a follower who knows how much time and effort you take in creating, sharing and supporting on WP!
    I hope your transition is not too difficult or expensive 💛

        1. Unfortunately they are extremely uncooperative so I have decided to self-host. That way everything will stay the same but I’ll get my features back.

  20. Wooow this is just outright mean. They didn’t even try to be nice. I hope you come out of this better.❣❣

      1. That’s really bad customer service. WordPress really doesn’t care about it’s customers. Look at what they are doing with the block editor.

        1. Yeah I feel like they don’t listen to it’s customers and only make changes when it benefits them. No one likes the block editor and they still shoved it down everyones throat.

  21. Don’t worry, we all know that you are a nice & genuine person, not a spammer. I think the problem is these dumb algorithms that can’t differentiate between a human & a bot. Once I created a Facebook account for the first time for posting blog posts, but dumb Facebook thought I am a spammer when I posted my blog. Facebook blocked my account & didn’t allow me to create another one. That day I decided not to create an account on Facebook. These all companies are almost the same. Users are just a source of income for them. Don’t expect too much from them. It’s horrible that we don’t own our own content. I don’t know about this. I will definitely take a backup of my blog.

    1. Thank you. Yes most sites do these kind of things- it very awful for creators like us. Yes, please do always have a backup and copyright your work.

  22. OMG I just read both posts and find it completely ridiculous! Thanks for sharing your experience and that WP owns our content, I will be switching to self hosted too.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it’s so ridiculous- they are STILL not acknowledging that the problem is in their system and they have got my followers vs following mixed up. They just keep encouraging me to leave WP. I would definitely recommend switching although definitely do a lot of research first.

      1. If they are pushing you away, switch hosting. It isn’t fair on you to be paying for a product that the owners don’t seem to want you to have

  23. Oh my God. That email. Even my blood is boiling! How can they just accuse you of promoting your blog. They should have at least done their homework properly! Idiots. I know a friend of mine who got her entire blog deleted and she didn’t know about it until it was too late. These are very disturbing facts indeed. And now that I know this, I want to know more about self-hosting. But we’ll be able to migrate our existing content, right? I hope so!

    1. They just accused me without even reading my blog or checking the activity- they should know the difference between real activity and spam by now. I have read that a lot of people get their sites terminated for no reason which is terrifying so that’s why I have decided to migrate. Yes, you migrate everything- your stats, content, followers etc. Basically you get the same blog with a different host.

  24. Hi Pooja
    So sorry to hear about your troubles with WP. As @Harry says above regarding owning your work, I agree with him, you own the copyright on your own work, but you give WP a non-exclusive licence to use it in whatever way they want.
    This is why I copyright all my work with this © and then my name, ©TheVixenofVerse🦊2020.
    It is important that you back your work up somewhere else, which I am now looking to do.
    Please let us know the progress of your self-hosted journey as I am sure many more people will be choosing this method. Stay strong and stay safe. They should rename their happiness engineers to doom & gloom engineers.

    1. Thank you so much and yes I think copyrighting the work may help. Yes, I will definitely be documenting every step I take for self-hosting because I am sure with all the glitches WP has many people would prefer to self-host, Lol yes I think they need to rename that to that!!

  25. It’s been really horrible reading about your problems with WP Pooja. As you know I’ve had many similar problems and it’s been driving me crazy. Well at least I know it’s WP faults and now I can stop going round in circles trying to fix this stuff – they should be doing it. After all, we pay for this damn thing.
    Thank you for sharing, for keeping me informed via email, and for your support, despite your own problems.

    1. Yeah it’s definitely a problem on WP’s part and their customer care is awful- they continuously keep telling me to migrate instead of even trying to help. It doesn’t matter how much we pay- they really don’t care. I can’t wait to migrate and actually own my own blog/content etc.
      Thank you as well for always being so supportive and lovely!

      1. You’re so welcome Pooja, you’ve been such an inspiration and so supportive, despite your huge following 🙂 Biggest hugs and I’ll be watching out to see how you get on then I might just follow 🙂
        You keep in touch and don’t disappear without telling us lol x

        1. Lol I will definitely not disappear any time soon and I will write posts about everything I go through with self-hosting in case anyone else needs help with it.

  26. Quite eye opening and good things to know since I am a casual blogger. I do know that there are so many glitches that it drives me crazy, just the editing ones alone. I wish they would not send emails to the email followers each time I make an edit, it really is maddening. Really hope you stay around cause you are always so cheerful 🙂 Be well.

  27. I hope you’ll have no problems transferring to a self-hosted site and glad that you’ll continue blogging as usual but take breaks if you need to, especially since your school has started again. Sucks that you won’t be able to interact the way you’d want to but you’ll get a better platform soon, hope it all works out.
    Wordpress has been the number one blogging platform for years, they’re sabotaging themselves with all these issues, ah.
    And this thing about them owning all your content is scary. Wow.

    1. Yeah I found the owning content and terminating sites part scary too.
      Exactly they have such a famous platform you would think they would know how to handle glitches by now. I also don’t understand why a social platform would not want bloggers to socialise.

  28. This is so weird and I’m seriously pissed on your behalf. I am one of the ones who was new here when I felt encouraged by your thoughtful comments on my blog. You’re right, interaction is the best part of this whole process. I’ve heard stories about the horrible response team of WP, this just make them look worst. I hope things work out the way you want them to be. I love your blog and would always be here to hear from you. *Virtual Hugs*

  29. Hi Pooja, welcome back🙂 I’m afraid! I am considering if I should switch to some other blogging sites like blogger or wix!

    1. Thank you! Personally, I feel like most platforms are like this and the best thing to do is self-host. Blogger really sucks by the way it’s worse than WP- I used to be on Blogger. I have heard good things about Wix though.

  30. I hear you loud n clear…it’s truly annoying…I had a terrible experience with self hosting option…then (owned by Automattic) won’t even try to help…self hosting is through…they’re 2 different companies…the reason I had to delete my original site was that I came across with crazy number of issues when I switched to a self hosted solution….2 months of back n forth ping-pong, that resulted in irritation, frustration, sleepless nights n what not….on top of that I lost all my followers….no one could see my as none were receiving any notification…meaning no followers, likes & comments….I was invisible for over 2 months….so here I’m with a new site, building my network slow n steadily, almost from scratch.
    Don’t expect you would get reply from if self hosting would resolve issue.
    My advice – check different forums n read abt the issues related to self hosting & find if there are any fixes.
    Perhaps I was unlucky but think thoroughly before you jump the guns….take the full backup of your blog….before you take any further steps.

    1. I am so sorry you went through that I can’t even imagine how frustrating that must have been for you. I definitely don’t expect any help from WP anyway and I will probably do the move through someone as I am not good with technology myself.

      1. Oh, I chose to get DebbySEO’s help….I couldn’t have done the migration by my own…I was in constant communication with Debby for 2 continuous months…. every single day….even she couldn’t fix the issues….writing mails n chatting every day….writing mails to WP & the Self hosting service provider almost every second day…..even she tried several work arounds….none worked….I became invisible in the blogging world….all of a sudden, she disappeared (I’m actually worried if something has happened to her, pls let me know if you come in contact with her; no new posts from her since August; am concerned of her well being)….I couldn’t handle the stress anymore….it affected me badly…I did a survey….by asking bloggers individually….over 95% weren’t receiving notification….took the decision in the end….to shutdown my old site for good….to create this new one….so my advice is still….said to myself….there must be a meaning of whatever is happening to me & my blog….it helped me taking a bit of stress, restlessness n anxiety away….so pls do check thoroughly before you make a switch….one thing is for sure…you would loose all likes….comments would be there if the migration is done properly….I could be the unlucky one….but then I checked….I wasn’t alone….a common issue….so now you know a bit more….you’re always welcome to mail me if you wish to know more….it won’t be a cool ride if migration fudges up your site as well…You’re already going through this block thing….that’s all I wanted to add

        1. Someone else actually told me she disappeared as well so I emailed her but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Thank you so much for telling me because I really appreciate the heads up.

          1. That’s concerning….the last msg i received was on 7th Aug….and you’re welcome, Pooja….do remember at the same time “when there’s a will, there’s a way”…I’m sure you’ll figure out the best solution for your blog ✨

  31. I’ve had this issue in the past, twice actually. I think its a really silly rule as I like yourself like and comment on others pages to show support, isnt that what blogging is all about??
    It makes no sense that they have this limit. I hope it gets resolved and that moving your site isnt a long process!

    1. I know I really don’t understand why you would have a platform like this if you don’t want bloggers to interact. Thanks so much, Olivia!

    1. Thank you but I talked to them and no one has reported me- it’s their system that has confused my followers with blogs I follow.

  32. Hey Pooja, it’s really sad that you’re going through all of this. I hope it all works out eventually. Take a break if you need to. I also hope you’ll be able to move to a self hosted site without having glitches.

  33. Goodness this is terrible and I am so sorry for you. It’s important to get this message out there as people commit a huge amount if effort and time to their blogs. Blocking on any level is such a personal affront and when it is based incorrect data and not investigated through appropriate methods it is plain wrong. I don’t blame you for moving to a self hosted site. Maybe they just aren’t keen when sites achieve a certain level of popularity? 🤷‍♀️

    1. Yeah I was thinking that too because without responding to any of my queries I have emailed them about they keep pushing me to leave and move to .org. It’s so weird though…

  34. I’ve used Bluehost for my self-hosting for years and like them a great deal. They’re on par, price-wise, with the other sites I researched (it has been a few years, though). One thing I particularly like: setting up email addresses with your domains is pretty easy.
    I found porting my information from a WordPress hosted site to my WordPress self-hosted site to be pretty seamless.

    1. Thank you for sharing that- it’s comforting to know that the process can be done seamlessly. I really appreciate the information!

  35. After reading all two posts I’m utterly speechless. I thought WP was like the best platform for bloggers and now all this comes to light. I guess most of us having been blogging blind of their policies.
    I’m so sorry about your predicament. Hopefully your mid term break gives you ample time to sort the self hosting thing out. I’m not too good with that moving techy stuff so like you said, we’ll expecting your elaborate post on that in the future.
    My sincerest love and support friend💚❤

  36. Please please please keep us updated on your journey to starting your own website. I’ve been trying to do the same thing and have hit a wall. I love wordpress, but sometimes I feel it can be limiting.

    1. It can definitely be very limiting especially after a few years when your blog has grown more. I will definitely keep you guys updated on every step I take.

  37. Wow this is so crazy that they blocked you! Know I mentioned her before but Gabby Abigail has tons of really great posts about blogging & a few about her experience going self-hosted!
    Also, I’m not sure if I’m reading the terms wrong but it seems like the terms give WP rights to use your content to promote your site globally? I don’t think they can repurpose it for their own means without your permission. But most social media sites function with similar types of terms.
    It’s a shame they would push one of their most active bloggers away from using their hosting platform.

    1. I wrote her name down on her planner and I will definitely view her posts on blogging/self-hosting. Thanks again I truly appreciate the information!
      I really hope so. Yeah I don’t understand why they keep telling me to move to self-hosting without even addressing any of the things I mentioned especially when I told them that they had got my follower/following count mixed up.

  38. I am sad to hear this, because I have always had such a favorable impression of WordPress. Maybe they are starting to act like a monopoly…
    I wish you the best with your mid-terms and with your move to a hosted site…

    1. I don’t have mid-terms in second year but I do have an assignment where I have to cook!!
      Yeah it’s quite sad when they don’t listen to the people on their platform. If anything it’s probably a loss to them.

      1. I think I’d rather take a calculus test than cook…
        and it is sad when a company does not listen to its customers, particularly its best customers, like you…

        1. Our assignment is to fail at cooking so it’s not too bad lol! I mean we’re expected to fail because the instructions are from literally thousands of years ago.

  39. Ugh so sorry to hear you are having trouble!! And what?? I totally didn’t know they own our content. Not happy about that. Hopefully you can get to a self hosted site soon. Do what makes you happy. Fudge WP

  40. I have used siteground and now currently using bluehost to connect to WordPress. I have known about them being able to delete your post and all that. Which is why I have always written my post somewhere else first then copied it into a WordPress post. That way I wouldn’t lose all the things I had written about so far.

    1. Thank you for the information. I’m glad you knew about this and were able to write your posts as well. I will be doing so as well and I will try to back my old posts through something else as well.

  41. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know about those facts you have posted. I didn’t know of the authority I have given WP… I truly hope your issues get resolved.
    I’d follow your blog anywhere.

    1. Thank you so much and yes I was completely unaware till a few days ago. That’s why I wanted to share it with others so they can know too.

  42. Be sure to go into your admin panel and export your entire site! Also, if you Google Blog booker, you can download your entire site into pdf form, free!

  43. I wish you great success on this move Pooja. It’s unfortunate that they ignored your plight and opted for your moving instead. I thought the aim of every company was to maintain relationships with customers… lol, and they’ve basically lost one. Hostgator seems to be a great option and Jirah Merizz did a full post on how she got self hosted. To be sincere, I’m also going to be self hosted when it’s time. That’s for sure. It’s somehow dealing with all these. Good luck!

    1. Thank you and yes Jirah has been super helpful in sharing information about her move to self-hosted. I feel like WP has gotten so big that they just don’t care anymore. I would definitely recommend eventually moving to self-hosted it seems to have a lot more perks. Thanks again!

  44. Oof I’m so sorry this is happening how absolutely obnoxious. I’m glad you’re still here and keeping us updated about where you’ll go. Self hosted site is like a foreign language to me so I will have to look into that. I too am aspiring toward a book and intend to own all rights to my content.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I was pretty disappointed by WP’s response. I would definitely recommend not uploading stuff about your book on your WP site then.

  45. Wow that was THE most petty and extremely passive aggressive email exchange I’ve seen. How unprofessional. Again, I am so sorry this is happening to you. This info does worry me regarding owning all of my personal posts. Get it together WP.

    1. I know I really did not expect an email like that from such a large platform- he didn’t even address anything I said he was just like you should leave… Thanks and yes it is worrying. I am more worried about being terminated though because I don’t want to lose all my content forever. I have been reading a lot from people that have been wrongfully terminated and WP pretty much refused to help them in any way. Maybe I’m just being a bit paranoid though lol!

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